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CMK 7004
1/72 Me262A/B Armament Set
For the Revell kit

The Revell 1/72 Me262 (also in the Pro Modeler range) is an excellent kit, with beautiful detailing throughout. Not much could be added to it out of the box, but for those who want to do a little bit of work, hereís the perfect detail set. This set opens up the gun bay, exposing the quartet of 30mm cannons. To make this job as easy as possible, CMK provided a complete new nose, with the bay opened up. The cannons are separate pieces, with a pair in each piece. The nose wheel bay is also provided, as are the nose gear doors. The gun bay doors are very thin and will look really great opened up. This set is a great addition to add some nice detail to the Revell Me262 kit.


CMK 7005
1/72 Me262A/B Engine Set
For the Revell Kit

With all of the half-assembled Me262s at the end of the war, doing a diorama of a Me262 with the engine opened up has to have entered into the minds of a lot of modelers. This set makes doing that simple, with a replacement engine nacelle for the Revell kit. This set provides an opened nacelle with a complete Jumo 004 engine revealed. No cutting of the Revell kit is needed, as the part fits perfectly in where the original sits. The engine is in two pieces, with the rear half molded in with the main nacelle piece. The front incorporates the front nacelle housing and the front of the engine. The removed panels are very thin and look incredible. In comparing this set to photos of a real Jumo 004 engine, the only thing that I can see that is wrong is a small box on the bottom of the front part and the plumbing might be slightly off. These are microscopic nits, though, and overall this set is an excellent representation of the Messerschmittís engine.


Pavlaís MiG-15UTI Interior in 1:72 for KP kits

The MiG-15UTI is the eastern bloc equivalent of the T-33, remaining in service as the standard jet trainer for many years longer than the fighter is was developed from. Built under license in China and Poland, the UTI maintained the basic MiG-15 planform but added a cockpit for an instructor in place of some internal fuel stowage.

KPís 1:72 kit has been available for many years, but only now has a detail set in resin been available. Pavlaís set includes a large cockpit tub, two ejector seats, two control columns and two control panels. While the cockpit tub fits neatly into the KP fuselage, much of the rest of the set has much room for improvement.

Detail on all the pieces is rather soft, with the control panels being the most egregious culprits. These pieces are thick, rather glossy panels, with dials drilled into the face. The dials lack any detail. Everything outside of the main panel is a shapeless blob. Resin is an unforgiving material when the pattern makers take a shortcut, and these panels are evidence of this.

The detail in the tub is okay, but looks somewhat haphazard in its layout. Control boxes look simplified, rows of dials arenít straight, and thereís a general feeling of sloppiness to the layout. The rear cockpit detail simply dissolves into a shapeless, fluid-like mass at the back bulkhead. If youíre expecting the precision or artistry of a Cooper Details or Cutting Edge set, you can stop looking now.

The KK-1 ejection seats appear accurate, but again the detail is a letdown. Detail on the rails and headrests dissolve into flash; the fronts of the seat pans are sloppy, and the sides have absolutely no detail at all. The control columns, while a little tall, are nice but small details. Luckily, Airwaves makes a white metal seat for the MiG-15, and Extratech makes a photoetched set for the MiG-15UTI.

The tub and both seats suffered damage from the packagingóa plastic bag with no cushioning for the parts, stapled to a header card. A simple set of painting instructions is included.

Resin sets are supposed to give the modeler superlative detail with a minimum of work. This set gives the modeler soft and sloppy detail and, with the crude packaging, itís likely to require repair work upon arrival. I canít recommend this set as anything but a basic pattern to scratchbuilding your own cockpit.


CMK 4014
1/48 Fiat CR.32 Exterior Set
For the Classic Airframes kit


The Classic Airframes Fiat CR.32 is a good kit, and this set will make it even better. Included in this set is a complete set of control surfaces, replacement stabilizers, wheels and bombs. All the parts are crisply molded in polyurethane resin. The bombs are very nicely done, with thin resin rings to fit around the tailfins. All in all, this set is a great addition to an already great kit.


CMK 4015
1/48 Il-2m3 Stormovik Armament Set
For the Accurate Miniatures Kit

If youíre looking for some nice Russian WW2 bombs, look no further. While the set says itís for the Accurate Miniatures Il-2, these could be used for any Russian plane that carried FAB100 and FAB250 bombs. There are four FAB100s and two FAB250s in this set, with etched brass sway braces and impellers. The fins for the bombs are resin, though, and several were broken in this sample. These might have better been done in brass.

The wing bomb bays are provided in resin, as are the bay doors. The actuator arms are brass, adding a delicate look to the whole assembly. Overall, this set is a nice addition to the Accurate Miniatures Il-2 kit, and the bombs themselves would look great on any WW2 Soviet bomber.


CMK 4016
1/48 Il-2m3 Control Surfaces
For the Accurate Miniatures kit

If you want to twist the rudder or drop the elevators on the Accurate Miniatures Il-2 kit, this set makes that task very easy. The set contains elevators, stabilizers, a rudder, ailerons, and trim tabs. The separate stabilizers really make positioning the elevators easy, as you donít have to cut the kit parts at all. All the parts are molded in polyurethane resin and the surface detail easily matches the quality of the Accurate Miniatures kit.


CMK 4017
1/48 A-1H Skyraider Detail Set
For the Tamiya Kit

This resin detail set incorporates the cockpit set and undercarriage set available separately (see the March issue), and adds dive brakes, control surfaces, and flaps. If youíre looking to detail the Tamiya kit, this set is the all-in-one set that youíll need. The cockpit and undercarriage parts have been reviewed in last monthís issue, and there isnít any difference between these sets, so this review will focus on the rest of the set.

The flaps and dive brakes are very nicely molded and are one piece units. The only problem with these parts is that the dive brakes arenít open when the plane is on the ground. A circuit breaker in the cockpit restricts their opening on the ground. In addition to these parts, the elevators are provided as separate pieces, so you can display those down. No cutting is needed, though, as the stabilizers are also provided, making this update a breeze.

Overall, this set is perfect to do a lot to the Tamiya kit, and by packaging the undercarriage and cockpit sets in with the control surfaces, thereís only one box to buy.


1/48 Il-2 Detail Set
For the Accurate Miniatures kit

This detail set is actually made up of three different sets: CMK 4004 Il-2 Interior Set, CMK 4015 Il-2 Armament Set, and CMK 4016 Il-2 Control Surfaces. By packing all these sets into one box, you have a one-stop detail set designed to really make the Accurate Miniatures kit stand out. All the resin parts are molded in polyurethane resin, and the detail is very crisp.

Since this set is actually a conglomeration of previous sets, a more detailed review of the individual components can be found in this and previous issues. The cockpit set was reviewed in the December 1998 issue of Internet Modeler, and the control surfaces and armament sets are reviewed above.


1/48 Lightning Interior Set
For the Airfix kit

With the release of the Airfix 1/48 Lightning, it was only a matter of time before we saw a bunch of resin cockpit sets. The CMK set seems to be a bit better than the rest, though, mainly because it fits. After trying a couple different resin interiors and having horrendous fit problems, this set just fell into place. Another case of where being first isn't necessarily being the best.

The detail set comes with a nice resin tub, sidewalls, and seat, with the instrument panels being provided in brass. Panels? Yes, that's right. This set has two main panels and a set of sub-panels that are for the specific variants, allowing you to have an accurate panel for the F.1, F.2A, F.3 and F.6 variants. All the other sets I've seen have had a generic panel for all the variants, or a separate set for each kit. By putting them all into one here, CMK has made things very simple.

If you're looking for an interior for your Lightning kit, don't pass this one up.


Cobra Company
AH-1G 'Viet Nam' Cobra Detail Set

The AH-1G Huey Cobra remains an ever-popular subject among modelers worldwide. Unlike the smaller scales, there is only one kit available in 1/32 scale, this being the out of production Revell kit. However, it is still fairly easy to find through various mail order and Internet sources. Although it is certainly not a bad kit (and was state of the art for 1970), it is approaching it's thirtieth birthday, and in need of some sprucing up. But what can be done to breathe some new life into this venerable old kit?

Enter Cobra Company. They are a Virginia-based resin manufacturer who has been on the scene for a while now, and one of their offerings is the 1/32 AH-1G detail set. This particular set consists of 24 pieces, and comprises an all-new cockpit tub, seats, instrument panels, chin turret, and a metal barrel for the 40mm 'thump gun' grenade launcher. The pats are cast from a yellowish-tan resin, and in the set I evaluated, are cleanly cast with no short-shots or flash, and a minimum of air bubbles.

Some work will be required to get everything to fit properly, as this is not simply a 'drop in' kit, but the modifications required are fairly simple. The most important steps are the removal of the cockpit mounting tabs on the inside of the fuselage, and subsequent mounting of the rear cockpit bulkhead and tub. The resin chin turret is not designed to rotate, although it can be made to do so with some modifications. Similarly, the individual weapons (minigun and 40mm) are fixed, and will not elevate and depress as on the kit parts. Still, the extra detail afforded by this set precludes the need to have moving parts.

Overall, I would highly recommend this set if the modeler is interested in producing an accurate, Vietnam-era Snake. The only thing at all which left me a little cold was the gunner's instrument panel. The detail was a little soft compared with the excellent pilot's instrument panel they supply, and I will probably modify the Revell panel for use with my kit. Other than that, this set promises to be a welcome addition to the modeler who is looking for that 'extra something' to sharpen up his next Cobra model. Couple with some extra detailing on the minigun pods, and a new pair of 19 shot rocket pods (also available from Cobra Company), the potential exists to make a real show-stopper from the faithful old Revell offering. I hope to see even more 1/32 offerings from Cobra Company in the future (How about an AH-1F conversion, guys?), and would readily recommend this product.





By now, the imperfections of the Hobbycraft F8F Bearcat released last year are well-known to modelers everywhere. For those who still want to have a model of

Grumman's last piston-engine cat on their shelves, Lone Star Models has released five resin correction sets that go a long way toward making the model end up looking right. These are all done in a crisp, light tan resin, of a quality those who have used Lone Star Models resin sets have come to expect.

First are two properly-shaped cowlings, one for the F8F-1 and the other for the F8F-2. These are priced at $5.00 each.

The second set provides a complete resin cockpit that consists of instrument panel, main floor with side panels, sidewalls, seat, and rear bulkhead, along with a corrected under-canopy decking and rollover pylon. This set is priced at $15.00.

The third set provides the engine firewall, inside wheel well firewall, oil cooler intakes, oil cooler outlet, engine support, carburetor intakes, and right and left wheel wells. This set is priced at $17.00.

The wheels come as a separate set, and include both the diamond-pattern tire and the standard pattern. Most importantly, these are the correct thickness. This set is priced at $4.00

Not exactly a correction set, the last offering is a wing-fold set that includes the bulkhead for the main wing, and a complete outer wing with separate ailerons, which will definitely make your Bearcat stand out in any crowd. This is priced at $12.00.

Modelers who want to get these can contact the Lone Star Models website.


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