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Reviewed by Bob Pearson

Two more of the excellent APMA journals arrived on my doorstep recently, and as mentioned in the last issue of Internet Modeler, these are a treasure trove of schemes for your future kits. The 4-98 issue is devoted to aircraft powered by that most perfect of aero-engines .... the Rolls-Royce Merlin. Scattered amongst its articles on Sptifires, Hurricanes, Lancaster, Mosquito and Mustangs are over 90 crosshatched profiles of the various types described.

The 1-99 issue is the first for the new editorial team of Lorna and Shane Jenkins, and they are to be commended for keeping the quality of this entirely volunteer publication up. A full listing of all articles in both issues follows . . .

APMA 4-98 The Rolls-Royce Edition
- Three Hole Hurricane ( a 3-seater Hurricane !!!!)
- Spitfires A-Z; Modelling the Spitfire by Mark and Scale
- Far East Spitfire
- Seafire
- Bombspit
- VVS Spitfire
- Israeli Mustangs
- Two Number Two Mk.IIs (Ferry Command Hurricane)
- After Darker - 1 (Mosquito)
- RAF Spitfires in Asia
- Hong Kong - Last of the Breed - Spitfire 24
- Sambawang (No 28 and 60 Sqns - FR MK.18)
- Spitfire on Floats - The History
- Spitfire on Floats - The Conversion
- Spitfire on Floats - the kits
- Striped Hurricane
- Italian Hurricane
- White Lancasters in Australia
- Spitfires over Czechoslovakia
- Grey Hurricanes
- A Few of the 'Few"
- CAC's Reconnaissance Mustangs
- Several Silver Spitfires
- Merlin Warhawk
- Supermarine Seafire XV
- Czech Mates (Czech Mosquitos)
- Highest and Fastest (51,500ft Spitfire)
- Spitfire 21
- Ozzie Mozzie
- Pedestal Hurricanes
- Egyptian Hurricane
- Furthest Spitfire (1,860 miles non-stop)

APMA 1-99
- The Wee Royal HS125
- Two Hole Fiat (2-seater conversion of the Cr.42)
- Droning On and On and On . . . (F-86 drones)
- Early Birds (Etrich Taube)
- Qantas Liberators
- Flying Rat Cats (Qantas PBY)
- A Couple More Cats
- Travels With My Aunt (Ju52 in Papua-New Guinea)

For further information on joining the APMA contact Shane or Lorna Jenkins, or visit the APMA website.

Memberships are available at the following rates (in AUD$)
Junior(16yr & under) $10.00
Senior (Australia wide) $30.00
Associatte(family excludes magazine) $3.00
Overseas(Airmail only Senior & Junior) $35.00

The above gets you four quarterly journals, as well as at least four newsletters.

Thanks to the APMA's Lorna/Shane Jenkins for the sample issues.

Warship Perspective No.2
Atlanta Class Cruisers in World War Two
by Glenn R Arnold
Published by WR Press


Reviewed by Bob Pearson

Many years ago I started work on a 1/192 scratchbuilt model of an Atlanta Class Cruiser (17 years later I still have just the superstructure done), at the time I was unable to find very many references to these handsome ships. Glenn Arnold has now filled that void with this volume in the Warship Perspective series.

The first section deals with the developmental history for what became the Atlanta Class. This is followed by a brief history of each ship - including the events of November 1942 when Atlanta and Juneau were lost. The strength of the book lies in its 170+ photographs showing all aspects of their external appearance that may be of use to model builders as well as anyone interested in the ships. A further help to modelers is a colour section showing the various schemes carried - including that worn by Atlanta during mid-1942. This is the first time that this pattern has been shown, and Mr Arnold is to be commended for including it.

One further inclusion is a set of 1/192 scale fold-out plans of the USS San Diego as she appeared in 1944. These are drafted by Alan Raven - a name which needs no further introduction to fans of warship research. Mr Raven, along with Glenn Arnold, also did many detail drawing of various fitting.

Already published in the Warship Perspective series is "Fletcher, Gearing and Sumner Class Destroyers" with future titles in developement.

All-in-all a most welcome addition to any library.

P.O. Box 709
Lynbrook, NY 11563, USA

by Bill Gunston & Yefim Gordon

Reviewed by Richard Marmo

Information on Soviet aircraft has been notoriously hard to find, particularly WW-II and earlier. That dearth of material is beginning to yield on a plane by plane basis, in the form of some excellent monographs that are now being made available. However, company histories are a whole different story. Fortunately, change is in the winds there as well. Case in point is the MiG design bureau.

Mention MiG aircraft and most modelers, along with many historians, immediately think of the 'old reliables'. MiG-3, MiG-15, MiG-17, MiG-21 and MiG-29. But what about all the ones in between? Particularly those designs that never made it off the paper. Or the ones that were actually built, managed to make a couple of flights and vanished into history. Now, thanks to Naval Institute Press, those questions can be answered.

Orignally published in England by Putnam Aeronautical Books, Gunston & Gordon have produced a superlative volume on one of the world's premier aerospace manufacturers.

In 8 1/2 x 11 vertical format, this hardback volume runs to 304 pages. If your first reaction to the size of this tome is "I didn't think MiG made that many aircraft!", guess again. 350 b&w photos and 50 line drawings will disabuse you of that idea in a hurry.

Published and distributed in the U.S. and Canada by Naval Institute Press, this book is a must for anyone with more than a passing interest in MiG designs. Besides the most familiar designs, you'll find some truly exotic and 'different' concepts. For example, the MiG-6, which was a single-engine, closed cockpit biplane...with a small, forward-swept top wing. It that's not enough, it mounted 2 cannon, six machine guns and was intended as a low-altitude tank buster! Then there was the SPS-40, a 40-passenger SST, missles, engines, aircraft armaments, manned spacecraft.......well, you get the idea. It'd be very easy to do a full-blown article on this book. In short, if MiG designs interest you, buy this book. $59.95 and worth every single penny.

To order, contact Naval Institute Press Customer Service, USNI Operations Center, 2062 Generals Highway, Annapolis, Maryland 21401-6780. Telephone number is 800-233-8764 and they have a web site at http://www.nip.org

by Larry Davis and David Menard

Reviewed by Richard Marmo

Thud nuts, and their numbers are legion, will consider this addition to the WARBIRD TECH SERIES to be absolutely essential. Whether historian, enthusiast or modeler, this one's for you.

Shoehorned into the standard WARBIRD TECH format of 100 pages and 160 photos, including 4 pages of color, is an impressive amount of information. Starting with an artist's concept of the original AP-63 design that was basically an RF-84F on steriods which eventually became that huge, tough F-105. There are detail drawings of various missles, arrestor hook installation, cutaway of the gatling gun installation, detail drawings of the Wild Weasel's rear instrument panel and on and on. You'll also find quite a number of photos sprinkled thru the book showing a variety of shark mouth nose art.

Separate chapters are devoted to the F-105B, the F-105D/F, and one on the Thunderbirds and Wild Weasel. Another chapter gives a brief history of it's operations in Viet Nam and explains how Thud Ridge got it's name (and no, it's not because Thuds flew over it on the way to Hanoi).

Finishing out the book is a page of Significant Dates and another page of Acronyms and Abbreviations.

Simply put, if you love the Republic Thud, you'll love this book. Priced at $16.95.

Order from Specialty Press, 11481 Kost Dam Road, North Branch, MN 55056 (800-895-4585). Please add $4.50 per order (not per book) for shipping and handling.


by Steve Pace

Reviewed by Richard Marmo

They keep coming and most welcome they are. I speak, of course, of the WARBIRD TECH line of aircraft monographs from Specialty Press. Whilean excellent one-stop compilation for those looking for information on the aircraft's history, modelers will find it essential for that day they decide to tackle Revell-Monogram's mammoth 1/48 B-1 kit.

As you've come to expect from the WARBIRD series, you get 100 pages and 160 photos (including four pages of color), all slipped in between semi-stiff covers. In short, it's a standard WARBIRD TECH effort.

Coverage ranges all the way from it's beginnings as an entry in the AMSA (Advanced Manned Strategic Aircraft) requirement thru it's utilization in current events. In between, you'll find engineering details, drawings and tight photos of the landing gear, reproductions from tech manuals showing control surfaces, avionics locations and more.

The death of the B-1 at the hands of President Carter...and it's subsequent resurrection by President Reagan...are covered as well. Aircraft structures and systems are described in considerable detail and another lengthy chapter covers operational capability. You'll also find production table, along with a page of Acronyms and two pages of Significant Dates.

Incidentally, the four pages of color, besides showing the B-1 in it's original overall gloss white...as well as three camouflage schemes....includes a gorgeous shot of the XB-70.

I could go on, but why? Just go buy the book. It's priced at the usual $16.95. See the F-105 Thunderchief review for full ordering information.

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Air Intelligence
1999 Modelers'
Reference Guides

1/32 Scale Guide $18.00
1/48 Scale Guide $25.00
1/72 Scale Guide $25.00
HH-43 Huskie Color
Reference Guide $15.00

Please add $3.20 Postage in the US.

TacAir Publications

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(505) 881-9621

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