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The Gloster Meteor F.8/FR.9 Part 1: Silver

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The Gloster Meteor was Britain's first operational jet fighter. Unlike most other first jets, though, the Meteor managed to survive the Second World War and continue on for many years to come. Fighting in the Korean Conflict in the early 1950s and in the Suez Crisis in the mid-1950's, the Meteor proved its worth time and again. In addition to being an effective fighting platform, the Meteor flew in some of the most colorful schemes out there, some of which are depicted here.


Meteor F.8 WA785
Squadron Commander
No. 66 Squadron, 1954

This Meteor F.8 carries the usual fuselage bars of No. 66 Squadron, but the tail has been painted up to make the commander's plane stand out from all the rest. The tail is painted in the same colors and form as the fuselage bars, being white outlined in blue.


Meteor F.8 WH374
No. 63 Squadron, 1952-1955

Who's imitating who I don't know, but along the same lines as the No. 66 Sqn bird is this No. 63 Sqn Meteor, with black and yellow checks on the tail matching the fuselage bars. Many of these colorful Meteors were painted up specially for the RAF Coronation Review in July of 1953.


Meteor F.8 A77-446
"Black Murray"
No. 77 Squadron
RAAF, Korea, 1950-1953

The Australians took the Meteor into combat during the Korean conflict. There are a couple differences between the Australian and RAF Meteors depicted here, being the canopy and the radio compass fairing. Several Australian Meteors were named, with the most famous being "Halestorm", the MiG Killer flown by Sergeant George Hale.

Meteor F.8 4441
No. 1 Grupo
Brazilian Air Force, 1955

Going farther away from most Meteor operators, Brazil operated about sixty Meteors for many years, eventually being replaced by Mirage IIIs. Easily one of the most colorful Meteors out there, the Brazilian Meteors carried red trim, and lots of it. Coupled with the large squadron emblem and the green and yellow national markings, this plane definitely stood out!

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