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Eduard Brass Reviews

Eduard 72-301
1/72 IJAAF Seat Belts

This set provides two different styles of Japanese Army seat belts. The first kind is for the Ki44 and similar seats, and provides two different styles of belt tongues and one buckle type. The instructions are incorrectly marked for this type, however, and it should be noted that the buckle end is part #9 (not 4) and the two belt tongue part numbers are #4 and #6 (not #3 & #6). The other seat requires some assembly of the belts. Designed for the Ki45 and similar seats, these belts have two styles of buckle and tongue ends, and a second layer needs to be attached behind each one to widen the belt out and give it more thickness. For both seat styles the difference between the tongue ends is one set is straight and the other is curved. A total of 12 seats can be fitted with this set: 8 of the Ki45 type and 4 of the Ki44 type.


Eduard 72-302
1/72 IJN Seat Belts

Complementing their set for Japanese Air Force seats, this set fits out Japanese Navy seats, with two styles. The early style is a simple setup with shoulder straps and a lap belt. Two different styles are provided, one straight and one curved, for each belt. The late style complicates things by adding a second piece to the lap belt. Instead of the belt being one piece, itís two pieces, with one end fitting under the other. This could actually be a blessing, as instead of a fixed length belt this method makes it an adjustable length one. That should make it easier to fit around thicker plastic seats and not look too short. As with the early type, the two styles of straight and curved belts are provided throughout, making a total of 12 seats that can be made (6 early and 6 late).


Eduard Zoom SS106
1/72 A-37B Dragonfly
For the Academy kit

The Academy A-37B is a little gem of a kit, but it could use a little sprucing up in the details. This new Eduard set does just that, and gives you a nice little nameplate to boot. Starting with the interior, the usual instrument panel treatment is provided, with a main panel and two secondary panels provided. Some fuselage sidewall details and cockpit tub details are provided, as are the seat belts. An intricately folded gunsight is also included, with the sight glass provided with the instrument panel film.

Moving to the outside of the plane, no detail set for the A-37 would be complete without the engine screens, and these are finely done. Other external detailing includes fuel filler caps, engine fronts, and trim tab actuators.

There are two things that are different from the usual Eduard detail sets. The first is the nameplate. Either painted up or just polished, this will really add something to a display base, without any extra cost. The second one is with the instructions. Instead of the usual black and white copy, this also has blue included, showing where the metal parts go on the plastic parts. This makes it a bit easier to see the proper placement, especially on the more busy drawings.

Overall, this is a great addition to an already super kit.


Eduard Zoom SS108
1/72 P-47D-25 Thunderbolt
For the Academy kit

This set is kind of thin, but knowing how much detail is already in the Academy P-47 kit, I can understand why. The cockpit gets a nicely done instrument panel, some sidewall details, seatbelts, a headrest, and rudder pedals. Outside thereís sway braces for the bomb racks, landing gear oleo scissors, a step, and more.

As with the A-37B set, this set comes with a nameplate and the two-tone instructions, making assembly and finishing much easier. With this little bit of detailing, the Academy P-47 can be turned into an awesome model.


Eduard Zoom SS110
1/72 Me262A Schwalbe
For the Revell kit

Revellís little Me262 kit is hands down the best 1/72 Me262 out there. With excellent detail already present in the kit, there is little room for improvement. This set works on replacing the parts in the kit that canít be accurately represented in injection plastic, mainly aerials and fine cockpit details. The instrument panel is typical Eduard, with a film back and relief-etched panels. Other cockpit detailing includes seatbelts and headrest. On the outside, details such as the DF loop and whip aerial are provided, effectively replacing the kit pieces.

Straight out of the box, the Revell Me262 is a stunning kit. With this Eduard set, it can be made even better, and for a truly top-notch Schwalbe, combine this detail set with the two CMK resin sets and youíll have one award-winning museum piece on your shelf.


Eduard Zoom SS111
1/72 F4U-1 Corsair
For the Academy kit

This detail set is similar to the previous Eduard Zoom sets, with a small amount of detailing mainly focusing on the cockpit and a nameplate provided for a base. The cockpit treatment is quite well done, with the usual instrument panel setup, sidewall detailing, a seat, seatbelts, rudder pedals, and throttle quadrant. Outside, thereís not as much, but you still get air filter screens, a tailwheel interior, and more.

With the same nameplate treatment and well-illustrated instructions, this set will be easy to use and will help finish the Academy Corsair off nicely.

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