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New (and not so new) Releases:
Naval Photo-Etched Accessory sets

For many years now ship modellers have been able to add to their ship models using photo-etched brass detail sets. Four of the top manufacturers in the field are (in alphabetical order): Eduard, Gold Medal Models, Tom's Modelworks and White Ensign Models. Some samples of their work which have come my way of late are shown here. Not all are brand new, but all are of value - Bob Pearson

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One of the first manufacturers to delve into the PE market was Eduard, their sets for aircraft and armour are among the finest available. For samples of their naval PE we have here the sets for the Hasegawa 1/700 IJN Battleship Kirishima and the Tamiya 1/700 aircraft carrier USS Enterprise.

#17 008
1/700 IJN Battleship Kirishima
for Hasegawa kit

The Kirishima set is in a fairly heavy brass and includes various lattice structures as well as AA platforms, catapult, doors, crane, boat decks and ladders. Also included is a separate fret of IJN two bar rails. These come with individual stanchions and require some cursing to use, but yield a realistic appearance when done.



#17 001
1/700 USS Enterprise
for Tamiya kit


This is an interesting set that comprises two separate frets for the ship and aircraft. The ship fret includes rails, masts, 20mm Oerlikons and cranes (among others), while the aircraft fret has propellors and landing gear for various aircraft.

Gold Medal Models
Route 2
Box 3104
Lopez, WA 98261

Another long time provider of PE is Loren Perry's Gold Medal Models. I recall seeing his work in Scale Ship Modeler many years ago and back then he was promoting the use of PE details. Now he has his own company providing them for the serious ship modeller. Mention must be made of the excellent instructions that come included with each set. These are well-written and have very clear drawings of all parts and how they relate to the kit.


1/350 USS Fletcher class destroyer
for Tamiya kit

This set has all that is needed to complete the 1/350 Tamiya Fletcher class destroyer. Working inboard and upwards we start with rails that have etched in netting along the bottom, and end with all the radars that go on top of the mast. Nine different style open and closed doors are provided, as are numerous depth charge racks, 20mm Oerlikon shields and shoulder rests. Watch for an upcoming article using this set.

Tom's Modelworks
1050 Cranberry Drive
Cupertino, CA 95014

As well as manufacturing excellent resin ship and aircraft kits , Tom Harrison has a line of PE for both the aircraft and ship modeller.

1/700 US Naval Radars

One failing of injection (and resin) kits is their depiction of the light open structures of various radars. This set addresses that problem for all USN radars of the WW2 period.



1/700 Escort Carrier w/rails

This set may be used with either the TM resin CVE or the Tamiya Bogue Class CVE and includes LSO jump net, 20mm Oerlikons and 40mm Bofors mount rails, lattice mast, radar, aircraft propellors, crash barrier and supports.


1/700 20mm Oerlikons and mounts

Seen here are the 20mm Oerlikons carried on many nation's ships in WW2 and since. As well as the guns themselves, splinter shields are also included.




1/700 USN Cruiser Catapults

If radar is poorly represented in kits, the open structures of catapults are equally so. This set will work for the various classes of USN crusiers.



1/700 New Orleans Class Heavy Cruiser

Although no injection kit exists of a New Orleans Class Cruiser, Waveline does make a resin USS San Francisco and this is just what is needed to complete it. Included here are the midships searchlight platform, aircraft cranes . . even struts for the floatplane.


1/700 Figures

What ship is complete without a crew?






White Ensign Models
Gardener's Cottage
Cowarne Court
Lower Eggleton, Ledbury
Herefordshire, HR8 2UF

Dave and Caroline Carter have found a unique niche in the market by catering to the RN modeller. They provide very high quality resin kits that I drool over as well as PE and resin detail parts for various items unique to the Royal Navy. The reviews that follow are courtesy of Shane Jenkins.

I received both of these frets, about a year ago & have drooled over them ever since. I even planned to actually build the Tamiya (ex Skywave) O class & Tamiya Hood shortly afterwards. But like most modellers, something else cropped up and they were put on the backburner. Until now, when Bob Pearson approached me to do the reviews, because I'd foolishly said I had them ;-).

Anyway lets get down to basics, both of theses frets are very finely done in Stainless Steel & were designed by Peter Hall for WEM.

WEM PE 721
1/700 RN O Class Destroyer
for the Tamiya kit

The 1/700 O & P class Destroyer set contains the following parts: Two styles of lattice mast with yard arms and radar aerial post, lattice mast for radar lantern, HF DF aerial, cruciform for bridge wings and searchlight platform,.funnel siren platform, gun elevation stops, 20mm Oerlikons, boarding ladder and davits, 4.7 in gun breech blocks, gunnery radar para refs and mounting, boat davits, funnel cap grille, loading davits, depth charge davits, stove pipes, torpedo loading davits, main foremast assemblies, stern boarding boom with ladder, boat chocks, 281 radar, jack and ensign staff, 4-barrelled Pom-Poms, anchors, depth charge rails, 4 in high angle gun and foot plate assembly, direction finding aerial, semaphores, guard rails, 2-3-bar, anchor cable, inclined and vertical ladders, pelorus and binnacle, bridge wing screen and awning stanchion assembly

The instructions that come with them (written by Dave Carter), are detailed and easy to follow, but they don't contain information on all the fret, so some research will be necessary to get the most benefit out of it. Due to the radar and guns being in PE, I would recommend this fret to someone who has some experience in PE.

WEM PE 722
1/700 HMS Hood
for Tamiya kit

It took a long time for someone to do a set for the Tamiya & Italeri Hood, but last year WEM answered many a modeller's prayers when they released this set. The set was again designed by Peter Hall, based on his PE set for the WEM 1/350 Hood & contains the following: Guard Rails, 0.5" Quad machine guns, 8 barrelled Pom-Poms, Spotting Top starfish assembly, Anchors, Lifebuoy Racks, Mainmast rigging, Jack and Ensign Staffs, Main boat boom tackle, various davits, Semaphores, Various ladders, 284 and gunnery radar, Main director arm stays, Stern boarding pole, Searchlight lens cruciforms, Type 279 radar assembly, Spotting top yardarms, Funnel Cap grilles, Foredeck ladders, Wireless House Aerial Spreaders, Mainmast Starfish Assembly, Funnel Housing Vent grilles, Spotting top Station lights and Aerial Spreader, Degaussing Cables, Anchor Cables, Boarding Ladders, Vertical and Inclined Ladders doors hatches and more!

Again, the instructions by Dave Carter are excellent, clear (even for me). Once more, some research is required on the part of the modeller to get the most out of the set.

I would recommend this set to any modeller with some experience in PE.

Watch out for build articles from me in IM sometime before the next millenium(which gives me 16 months).

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