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The Wonders of Online Researching
By Bob Pearson

Well now that you have decided on your next model - whether kit , kitbash or scratchbuilt - you have reached the stage of just what references are available. . and where to find more !!!! Obviously there are the old standbys of the Squadron/Signal In Action series and the 1960/70s vintage Profile booklets. After that there are numerous specialist publications devoted to ones particular area of interest - myself I subscribe to a WW1 Aviation model magazine called Windsock. And then there are the various journals put out by model societies like IPMS (the best known), or the Australian Plastic Modellers Association (see review in this issue).

However as you are reading this you are aware of the newest and perhaps most intriguing research tool - the Internet. The internet has been likened to the world's largest library, albeit one with all the books misfiled and no Dewey Decimal numbers carried on them. And as such may take awhile to find exactly what you are looking for .. and once found you must then take any 'research' found on the internet itself with a grain of salt. However the same is not true for those offshoots of it - email and ICQ.

In my daily work for both Internet Modeler and FMP, I find I am constantly in need of photos, drawings or just an opinion on a certain aircraft. Previously I would either hope I had this in my own collection, or have to wait for the local library to open. If not there, then it would be a long wait while I mailed a query to the author in England. Now I first turn to my partner at IM, Chris Banyai-Riepl ... if he has what I am in need of, a scan follows minutes later via ICQ . . if not, I move on to the next level of my expanded library. These are people who have been helpful to me in the past and whom I can email for help .. not quite as fast as ICQ, but I still have the answer within a day. Finally there are the mailing lists. Anything put there has the possiblilty to reach literally hundreds of fellow enthusiasts worldwide, any of which may have the missing piece that you are searching for.

So, who has the information on the Stranraer flying boat?


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Air Intelligence
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