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ca_48chevboxtop.jpg (60562 bytes)Galaxie LTD. 1948 Chevrolet Aerosedan Kit No. 98011
Also available as a Sedan Delivery Kit No. 98021

By Art Anderson



Galaxie Ltd's 1946-1948 Chevrolet AeroSedan and Sedan Delivery kits are hitting the marketplace, and what a "hit" they are!

sedandel.jpgIn 1941, Chevrolet, along with all GM divisions, embarked on a new set of bodies, which, ordinarily, would have been replaced in 1943-1944 by another, restyled series, perhaps even totally new. In the fall of 1941, the now-usual face lifted bodies reached the showrooms. Chevrolet was no exception here, like Ford and Plymouth, Chevies were somewhat heavily facelift versions of the very successful 1941 models.

However, Pearl Harbor and World War II changed everything. For a brief moment, 48cchassis.jpgafter the suspension of all civilian car production in early 1942, it appeared that Detroit was to surrender every stamping die to a wartime scrap drive. Fortunately, the auto makers were spared this draconian measure, and the tooling for civilian cars was cosmolined, awaiting victory, and the resumption of automobile production.
Fast forward to 1946. Chevrolet was poised, with the usual pre-war sedans, coupes, convertibles, wagon, and sedan delivery. The new (for 1942) AeroSedan "fastback" 48craceart.jpg2 dr sedan was prominent in Chevy's plans and sales in 1946--a hot seller, in fact.

Galaxie Ltd. was founded by Gary Schmidt, the creator and original publisher of Scale Auto Enthusiast Magazine. Galaxie Ltd. (known for its line of trailers about 10 years ago) has sprung upon the scene with a pair of 1946-1948 Chevies, the AeroSedan and the Sedan Delivery.

48cframe.jpgAnd, what a pair these are!

Each "sub-assembly" of these two kits is in itself, a model kit. The engine, the famous 216 CID "Stove bolt", is a 21 piece assembly (24 pieces if you do the "hopped up" version with the Edelbrock manifold and 3 deuces) Add this to the chassis (50 pieces) and you have a model kit all by itself!

The bodies are where these kits really shine! One of the real challenges for a model kit designer is to recreate in miniature 48cchrome.jpga car designed by a crew headed by Harley Earl, head of GM styling from 1925 to 1958. These cars were often done with such subtle curves and shapes as to defy all but the very best, when it came to replicating them in miniature.

Galaxie's talented designer, Tom West (of Revell-Aurora-MPC fame) has done this in fine fashion. These kits really do a fine job of capturing the shape and proportion of the 1946-1948 cars.

Keep in mind here, that not only are the front fenders (on the real car) separate from the body, but, also the fender extensions are bolted (as opposed to being stamped into) the doors. With this in mind, the front clip is separate from the body, fender extensions included. 48cmetaltrans.jpgSeparate details include wipers (each two pieces!), door handles, stone shields, fire walls, inside sun visors, an outer sun visor, hood trim, and even hood hinges. There are two grilles, one for 1946, and one for 1947-48.

A unique touch here is the side trim (chrome). These strips are supplied in "Oudensha-America Ltd." dry transfer chromium metal dry transfers. Nice touch! An added touch to the sedan delivery is another small 48cwheel.jpgchrome sprue with the correct rear bumper for a sedan delivery (different from the passenger car rear bumper).

The interior is of the "platform", however, curiously, the interior platform fits down on top of the floor pan, in my opinion a step backwards from the otherwise "leading edge" design of these kits. A nice touch here is the separate chrome "radio and instrument" cluster. Even though the sedan delivery kit has the same front seat as the AeroSedan (2 dr, split -back seat) I suspect that the Sedel was produced with a single driver's seat, and optional jump seat, although I am lacking reference material on this. Also separate are details, such as arm rests
(surely optional on the Sedan Delivery!), door handles, window cranks, and a clear dome light.

48cdecal.jpgThe Decal sheets include all kinds of custom treatments, flames, scallops, pin-striped motifs, vintage drag strip logos, and 5, count 'em, FIVE decades of California License plates (we'd killed for those back when!).

48cflrpan.jpgI would be remiss here, if I didn't comment on the instruction sheet.
This one is laid out by a model car builder, not some engineering draftsman, hired out of college. Especially neat is the last page, which is a set of suggestions for extra detailing, and a couple of custom tips thrown in. How does this one rate?

On a scale of glue tips, this one gets 5! Buy 'em, build 'em, the 48 Chevy kits just moved the 1/25th scale goal posts about 10 yards past the end zone!

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