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ca_60boxtop.jpg (25013 bytes)Revell - Monogram '60 Chevy Impala Hardtop Kit No. 85-2532


By Art Anderson

For 1960, GM offered face lifted models (except for Olds and Pontiac) that were greatly toned down from the flamboyance of the 1959 cars.
Chevrolet was no
ca_60chevbody.jpg (7625 bytes)exception here. While there were still gull wing fins, gone were the "cat's eye" taillights, the bulbous overhang of the hood with it's distinguishing "nostrils". In place, were greatly simplified lines, and again, a very good-looking, albeit much more conservative car.

ca_60chrome.jpg (30357 bytes)Revell-Monogram has released a "spin-off" of their excellent '59 Impala, the 1960. As such, most of this kit is the same as the 1959, even to the retention of some 1959 trim pieces on the chrome trees. The body shell is, along with the chrome trim, the most visible difference. R-M has achieved the look of the 1960 Impala quite well.

The usual R-M touches are here, the separate windshield wipers and door handles, with an added touch: An open deck lid! This is done for the "low-rider" enthusiast, so as to allow the display of a ca_60chassis.jpg (33466 bytes)full bank of batteries and hydro's. Those of us who like showroom stock will still enjoy it, though, as there is a trunk floor with a stock, covered spare tire as well.

R-M's designers made the chrome strips/color flash on the rear quarters as a separate plated part, which makes both detailing this Impala trademark and customizing very easy. The Impala taillight panel is also a separate plated part, which certainly cuts down the bill for Bare Metal Foil! While the proportions and shapes appear to be right on the money, there is one curious inaccuracy, the front quarters. A 1960 Chevy front fender has a "strake" beginning at the headlight that forms into the gull wing fin at the C-post. Revell-Monogram, for some reason, makes this "strake" as almost a freestanding fin ca_60engine.jpg (31502 bytes)on the front fender, which is quite inaccurate. Fortunately, a couple of applications of a bit of your favorite putty will cure this problem, although, with R-M's reputation for accuracy, this should not have been allowed to reach production in this form, IMHO.

The chassis and engine are right out of the '59, which is most correct, as even Chevrolet didn't print an all new shop manual for 1960, but rather a supplement to the 1958-1959 manual, covering only the few changes that existed. As a result, R-M leaves an inaccuracy in the 1960 chassis/floor pan: The spare tire well. 1959 Chevy's have vertical spare tire stowage, on the right side of the trunk, while for 1960, the spare was stowed flat on the right side of the trunk floor, with no well in the floor to catch water and rust out. More advanced builders will no doubt be able to cut this out and replace with a bit of sheet styrene. Another ca_60interior.jpg (19591 bytes)inaccuracy from the '59 creeps into this one also. In 1959/1960, the Super Turbo Thrust 348 cid V8 engines could not be equipped with automatic transmissions, as the Power Glide and Turbo Glide trannies were considered not strong enough for such high power output. This kit, like the 59's has this unavailable power train, but, likely no one will ever call a builder on it.

The interior has a few surprises. In 1960, Impala's lost the flamboyant, broad bands of color in the fabric inserts of the seats, in favor of a very tight plaid. In this rendition of the '60 Impala, this plaid is achieved by decals, in both red and blue, for replicating two different interiors.

ca_60decal.jpg (30422 bytes)The real surprise, however, is the inclusion of separate, plated interior door hardware, as in door handles, window and vent-window cranks, which are plated (again, cutting the bill for Bare Metal Foil!). Also separate are the armrests for the doors. Very nice touch! (I imagine the door handles, etc. will find their way into lots of parts boxes)

All in all, this is a very nice kit, and fills another niche in the lineup of Impala kits. I'd say, buy several of them, and build them up, they way you like 'em. It's that good.

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