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ca_schumacher-boxtop.jpg (49811 bytes)Revell Monogram Tony Schumacher's Hollywood Video/Blues Brothers 2000 Top Fuel Dragster


By Don Atherton


Text from the kit instructions:

"Tony Schumacher is the son of famed 70's funny car pilot Don Super Shoe ca_schumacher-parts-1.jpg (20810 bytes)Schumacher, and is fast making a name for himself as a rising star in the ranks of today's Top Fuel dragsters. Tony, a Chicagoland native, drives for Gregory and Michael Peek of Peek Bros. Racing in Lakewood, Colorado, and the team's latest dragster is sure to give their competitors the blues. The new car carries the police car black and white colors of Blues Brothers 2000, and will run at the Champion Auto Stores Nationals, the U.S. Nationals, and the Inaugural Route 66 Nationals in 1998. No doubt about it, ca_schumacher-chrome-parts.jpg (30776 bytes)Tony Schumacher's Top Fuel dragster is the fastest Bluesmobile ever."

I'll be reviewing this kit on quality and not accuracy as I'm not really up on Top Fuel dragsters and to pretend I know whether the kit is accurate would be foolish.

The Engine is made up of 21 white and chrome plated pieces. The detail looks good and the parts are sink mark free with only a small amount of flash. The plated parts are very well plated. Some of the smoothest shiniest chrome I have seen lately.

The tubular frame and cage is a very delicate and nicely done part of this kit with no warpage or sink marks. There are mold seams on every tube so cleanup on this will take quite awhile.

ca_schumacher-parts-2.jpg (21926 bytes)To this frame attaches items such as the front suspension, control module, steering assembly, Fuel tank, fuel vents, an assortment of pedals and levers followed by some cross member pieces and then the steering shaft and wheel.

Then a separate seat support and the seat bulkhead and gauges. There is a separate drivers cage. The front wheels are white plastic disc types. One piece vinyl skinny tires mount to them.

ca_schumacher-parts-3.jpg (17097 bytes)On to the rear frame, there are two nice halves to the frame with a separate oil filter. A two piece rear axle mounts between theses frame sections with a separate axle support and chute brace. The completed engine drops in at this point where a tank and tank hoses are applied. A three piece chute mounts to the rear.

The spoiler is a five piece assembly that mounts high atop the rear frame.

The rear wheels are plated and the rear tires are rather crude. The inner side wall is a separate piece which will make hiding the seam difficult.

ca_schumacher-decals.jpg (30781 bytes)The body appears to be well done. I'm not sure but I think the panel lines look a bit exaggerated. There is a four piece front wing assembly as well as separate side skirts.

The 42 decals on the decal sheet are very colorful and the registration is crisp and well done.

This kit should be fun to build and combine the black and white color scheme with the multitude of colorful decals and you should have one nice looking model.

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