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Hawker Hunter F.6A Walkaround
By Damien Burke

We would like to express our thanks to the staff of the Midland Air Museum
at Coventry Airport in Warwickshire, UK for the excellent access to their
Hunter F.6A XF382. This particular Hunter is kept in good condition by an
ex-RAF ground crew member who worked on XF382 when he was in the RAF. The
electrical and hydraulic systems are operational and from time to time
the aircraft is powered up electrically. Sadly though, no engine runs;
the neighbouring airport would no doubt like to keep its fence intact.
Visit the museum's web site and see what other real-life reference material you can go and see.

Gun Camera

In the top of the nose is what at first sight is an intake. In fact it leads to the gun camera, but look more carefully at the starboard side of the tunnel - yes, there's a little intake there, part of a ram air cooling system for the radar.

nose_gun_camera.jpg (10232 bytes)
Port Cannon Ports

These are the port side cannon ports; red boarding ladder in the background.

port_guns.jpg (14376 bytes)
Nose Gear

Nose undercarriage and rear door.

nose_gear.jpg (14267 bytes)
Port Sabrina

These large fairings, known as Sabrinas after a 1950s pinup who also boasted a pair of curvy objects, collect used links from the cannon's ammunition belts. The two pipes towards the rear are where used cartridge cases are ejected.

port_sabrina.jpg (11113 bytes)
Port Wing

A good view over the port wing. Noteworthy are the ways the pylon ejector fairing is painted to match the roundel and the single trim tab on the port aileron - the starboard aileron does not have this tab. On the fuselage side the various engine cooling louvres and intakes are obvious as is the circular engine bearing cooling air outlet behind the wing.

port_wing.jpg (7548 bytes)
Tail and Port Tailplane

A bit weather-worn, this Hunter, but it does show the panel lines off well! Note the red rudder lock. The brake parachute fairing over the engine was added to F.6s as part of the F.6A conversion; it's obvious that this particular one is from another Hunter judging by the difference in the paint demarcation line.

port_tailplane.jpg (6981 bytes)
Port Aileron

Another view of the port wing. Note the shape of the pylon ejector fairing and the generally smooth finish.

port_aileron.jpg (14188 bytes)
Starboard Upper Decking

View from the starboard cockpit side looking back. The canopy rail grooves are very obvious as is the white communications aerial and the intake boundary layer dumps (here used to help keep the intake covers on!)

starboard_upper_decking.jpg (6314 bytes)
Starboard Spine

Looking further aft we find the starboard side is much the same as the portside with a similar arrangement of cooling louvres and intakes, but an offset aerial on a plinth is noteworthy.

starboard_spine.jpg (6022 bytes)
Instrument Panel

Good overall view of the instrument panel and gunsight.

cockpit_instrument_panel_and_joystick.jpg (20061 bytes)
Cockpit Port Console

Looking down into the cockpit. The blue straps are leg restraints. Overall colour of the cockpit is scuffed black.

cockpit_port_console_and_seat.jpg (20030 bytes)
Ejection Seat

Looking back at the ejection seat top. Note the yellow 'cut here' marks on the canopy frame.

cockpit_seat.jpg (17170 bytes)
Instrument Panel and Canopy

Similar shot, but looking higher up - the canopy frame is quite a substantial affair, as is the bulletproof center panel!

cockpit_instrument_panel_and_forward_canopy.jpg (18843 bytes)
Instrument Panel Starboard

Looking down into the starboard forward corner of the cockpit.

cockpit_instrument_panel_and_starboard_console.jpg (21024 bytes)
Starboard Console

Looking further aft. Some of those controls must have needed contortionist skills to get to!

cockpit_starboard_console_and_seat_cushions.jpg (17017 bytes)
Ejection Seat Headbox

Another view of the seat top. The oxygen system is down by the side of the seat.

cockpit_seat_headbox.jpg (18940 bytes)
Gun Sight

Yet another instrument panel view, but a better view of the gun sight this time.

cockpit_instrument_panel_and_gunsight.jpg (18237 bytes)
Port Upper Decking

Looking back over the upper decking and port wing. As you can see, this time the canopy is pulled right back and fills the rail groove completely. The intake edges are natural metal - this differed, some machines have had white intake lips.

port_wing_and_upper_decking.jpg (7367 bytes)
Cockpit Coaming

Something every manufacturer gets wrong - cockpit coamings are never smooth! In fact, they're often utterly unlike what you get in the kit. Note how the canopy merges with the fuselage too.

cockpit_port_coaming.jpg (13933 bytes)
Cockpit Rear Bulkhead

Looking back at the rear cockpit bulkhead. The large assembly at the centre-right is the air conditioning valve.

cockpit_behind_seat.jpg (14092 bytes)
General View - Rear/Upper

Distorted by the lens used, but still a useful shot for camouflage layout etc.

general_view_rear.jpg (15625 bytes)
Brake Chute Doors

Closeup of the upper tailcone and brake chute doors. The doors are normally tightly shut, or fully open - not somewhere in between.

brake_chute_doors.jpg (18763 bytes)
Starboard Main Gear

Starboard main undercarriage leg and outer doors. General colouration of the undercarriage, bays and doors is dirty, greasy aluminum but the legs are light aircraft grey. The red bit is a ground lock to stop accidental retraction.

starboard_main_gear.jpg (5095 bytes)
Starboard Main Gear Inner Door

Starboard main undercarriage inner door. RAF Hunters had quite prolific stenciling, a taste of which can be seen in this small area!

starboard_main_gear_inner_door.jpg (6957 bytes)
Starboard Main Gear Bay Inner

Starboard main undercarriage bay, outboard portion, looking up and outward.

starboard_main_gear_bay_inboard_forward.jpg (8776 bytes)
Starboard Main Gear Bay Inner Edge

Starboard main undercarriage bay, inboard portion, looking up and forward. The bay roof is fairly unobstructed, but as you can see the sides are a different story.

starboard_main_gear_bay_inboard.jpg (9605 bytes)
Underside Aerial

Presumably another aerial, possibly part of the navigational system.

underside_aerial.jpg (5121 bytes)
Airbrake Fairing

The airbrake fairing isn't as smooth as you'd expect and is basically a triangular wedge.

underside_airbrake_fairing.jpg (4722 bytes)
Starboard Wing

View over the starboard wing - compare with the port wing - no trim tab! The whip aerial on this side is sometimes also present on the port wing.

starboard_wing.jpg (4985 bytes)
Starboard Mid Fuselage

Further proof that the fuselage sides are pretty much symmetrical.

starboard_mid_fuselage.jpg (4414 bytes)
Starboard Rear Fuselage

further aft the fuselage is still much the same as the other side. Note the small tail bumper and that on this side of the fin there is not small gauge to be seen.

starboard_rear_fuselage.jpg (5922 bytes)
Rear Fuselage Underside

Closeup of the fuel dump pope and tail bumper. As you can see this Hunter has a few screws loose! The airbrake is not quite closed which indicates the beginning of hydraulic pressure loss.

port_rear_underside.jpg (12820 bytes)
Port Tailplane Underside

Good view of the camouflage demarcation under the tailplane.

port_tailplane_underside.jpg (5539 bytes)
Elevator Accumulator Gauge

the elevator hydraulic accumulator gauge is to be found on the port side of the fin. Also note the fairly large swash plates around the tailplane, to keep the fin innards covered when the tailplane incidence is changed.

port_tail_elevator_accumulator_gauge.jpg (3392 bytes)
Starboard Tailplane Underside

A somewhat distorted look under the starboard tailplane. The rear part of the anti-buffet acorn fairing is a navigation light.

starboard_tailplane_underside.jpg (3383 bytes)
Port Main Gear Bay Inner

Port main undercarriage bay - inboard portion, looking up and inboard.

port_main_gear_bay_inboard.jpg (16641 bytes)
Port Main Gear Bay

Port main undercarriage bay - looking up and slightly aft.

port_main_gear_bay.jpg (16751 bytes)
Port Main Gear Bay Outer

Port main undercarriage bay - outboard portion - looking up and outwards.

port_main_gear_bay_outboard.jpg (13000 bytes)
Port Main Gear

Port main undercarriage leg and outer doors - gives a good idea of the door arrangement.

port_main_gear.jpg (12728 bytes)
Port Wing Dogtooth

The dogtooth fitted from the F.6 onward is, in modelling terms, rather unexciting!

port_wing_dogtooth.jpg (4116 bytes)
Port Main Gear Doors

Another view of the port main undercarriage, further showing the gear door arrangement.

port_main_gear_door_arrangement.jpg (12041 bytes)
Port Mid Fuselage

Another view of the port mid-fuselage area.

port_mid_fuselage.jpg (9464 bytes)
General View - Underside

General view underneath the fuselage - sadly a fair bit of corrosion to be found on this otherwise very well preserved example.

underside_general.jpg (4754 bytes)
Port Wing Underside

A view underneath the port wing - again, a smooth finish, no rivets or rough panels.

port_wing_underside.jpg (4689 bytes)
Nose Gear Bay Aft

Nose undercarriage bay - aft portion. The red block is a ground lock to stop accidental retraction.

nose_gear_bay_aft.jpg (12394 bytes)
Nose Gear Bay Forward

Nose undercarriage bay - forward portion and forward door. Note the curved impression in the door.

nose_gear_bay_forward.jpg (10060 bytes)
Nose Strike Camera Window

Behind this window is an F.95 strike camera similar to those fitted to first generation Harriers.

nose_strike_camera.jpg (12345 bytes)
Starboard Cannon Ports

Much the same story as on the port side of the nose here. Note the big hinge of the gear door - doors rarely hinge precisely along the edge of a bay!

starboard_guns_and_nose_gear.jpg (8360 bytes)
General View - Port

General view of the port side of the aircraft. The access ladder is of quite simple construction and should be easy to make out of plastic rod or even, gasp, stretched sprue.

general_view_port.jpg (10003 bytes)
General View - Forward

General view from nose-on, at the very least it shows the access ladder's positioning. Unfortunately the steps on the other side obscure some of the aircraft but without them you wouldn't have had the cockpit shots!

general_view_forward.jpg (11073 bytes)
Jet Pipe

Finally a run around the back to peek into the engine. The eight spikes are temperature probes. As you can see there's quite a distance between the rear face of the engine and the end of the aircraft - no doubt this wasted space contributed to the Hunter's lack of range, even with fuel tanks wrapped around the jetpipe!

jetpipe.jpg (10561 bytes)
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