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Bristol Blenheim Mk.II BL-155
Finnish Air Force
Spring-Summer 1944

BL-155 is a typical Blenheim from the Finnish State Aircraft factory and is seen here in the late spring-early summer of 1944. (Robert's model is from the winter 43/44). Finish is in olive green and black-green uppersurfaces and RLM 65 light blue lower (when the Finns bought the Dornier Do17, they also acquired stocks of German paint). The serial is black. . except where it passes over black, there it is green. Yellow theatre markings are also carried.

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Westland Whirlwind Mk.I P6969
No.263 Sqn RAF
April-August 1941

HE-V is seen here in green/brown with sky (Duck Egg Green). Note the original location of the antennae, as well as the unique presentation of the fin-flash.

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