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Aftermarket Armor Brass Sets

eduard_t55a-35-189.jpg (44476 bytes)Eduard T-55a/m detail set

Media: Photo-etched metal
Price: $11.95
What you get: A nice detail set to dress-up the old ESCI T-55.


Eduard is well known for it's high-quality etched brass detail sets and this one continues that trade.

The set comes with 2 big, and 1 small sprue in steel colored metal.

The set consists of the engine deck grilles with separate reinforcement spars to put on top of them. Most of the different storage boxes to go on the fenders, the fuel drum support log's tie-downs, the fender mud-flaps, various tie-downs for the turret and hull, fuel drum supports, persicope covers, several hinges, different hatches and supports for the bottom, turret IR and searchlight covers, and the deep wading airtube holders for the turret, and the driver's splash guard.

The instructions are vague on the location of some of the parts, especially the fender stowage box latches, and details. As I don't have the ESCI kit yet to use this set on, I'm not sure wethter having the kit's instructions would help or not.

I highly recommend this set to anyone into modern Soviet armor. It's also ideal for beginner's in brass as it doesn't have any Machine gun cooling jackets to bend, or some similar round items. Myself, I'm going to use the set on a Finnish T-55 I'm planning on doing.

eduard_m8-35-200.jpg (36007 bytes)Eduard 1/35 M-8 Greyhound Detail Set #35-200

MSRP $15.00

One large & one small nickel-plated brass fret plus photo negative for instrument faces in the dashboard.

Set contents:

eduard_m8-35-200-2.jpg (18723 bytes)Instrument panel, foot pedals, storage box latches, fire extinguisher mount, ammo storage box, antenna mount, tool holders & tie downs, periscope guards, siren grill, headlight guards, .50cal. perforated barrel jacket & ammo tray & cradle & small fittings, land mine handles, gas can rack, numerous latches and hinges, turret ammo ready rack, exterior turret railing, blade type gun sights.

eduard_t64a-35-203.jpg (26125 bytes)Eduard T-64 detail set

Media: Photo-etched steel colored metal
Price: $11.95
Meant for the SKIF kit.

What you get: A nice detail set to dress-up the rather crude SKIF T-64


This set is almost a must have with the SKIF T-64 kit.

It comes with 2 big frets of PE., with details for the engine deck screens, fuel drums eduard_t64a-35-203-2.jpg (30594 bytes)and their supports, several hinges, turret periscope details, the front hull splash guard, some odd flaps for the upper-hull sides, turret search light covers, deep wading air tube holders, all kinds of different latches, handles, tie downs, etc..

I recommend this set to anyone who has bought, or is planning on buying, the SKIF T-64, but is either not satisfied with it, or isn't sure if it's worth the money.

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