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Tony Goetz
Juho Ala-Jaaski

Everyone has heard that to keep our hobby alive we need to get the younger generation interested in modeling. But this can be difficult to do when a young modeler takes a look at what a 40-year modeling veteran puts on display.
Phrases like "I can't do that!" are all too common, and it is difficult to bridge the generation gap.

But then there's modelers like our Junior Editors. They can put out models that rival that 40-year veteran, and since they are from the younger generation themselves, other junior modelers won't feel as intimidated. Instead of saying "I can't do that!", they say "If he can do it, so can I!", and another generation of modeling is started.

Thank you, Tony and Juho, for helping to continue this great hobby of ours.

Chris Banyai-Riepl

Feature Articles

Accurate Miniatures Yak-1 on Skis
By Tony Goetz



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Air Intelligence
1998 Modelers'
Reference Guides

1/48 Scale Guide $20.00
1/72 Scale Guide $25.00
HH-43 Huskie Color Reference Guide $15.00

Please add $3.00 Postage in the US.

TacAir Publications

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Albuquerque NM 87199-0933
(505) 881-9621

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