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Aftermarket Armor Resin Sets

jaguar-63834.jpg (13420 bytes)Jaguar Set no. 63834
Sd.Kfz.250 Stowage bins detail set
9 pieces

Tan resin

Both side storage bins, Bin doors, Doors for fender bins, Small rectangular box (not sure where this goes???)

Crisply molded and a improvement to the kits parts as they are molded shut. No instructions included with the set.

jaguar-63835.jpg (20704 bytes)Jaguar Set no. 63835
Sd.Kfz.250 wheel set with wear and tear set
MSRP $7.23
24 pieces

Tan resin

Inner and outer inter-levered road wheels, Front tires and rims, Drive sprockets

Crisply molded and pretty much clones of the kit parts. I failed to see the wear and tear on these with my tired old eyes. No instructions included with the set.

jaguar-63836.jpg (12467 bytes)Jaguar Set no. 63836
Sd.kfz.250 hatches set
8 pieces

Tan resin & clear resin

Back wall of vehicle, Access door for rear of vehicle, Vision flaps with support arms, Engine compartment doors, Clear resin vision blocks

Crisply molded except for the clear parts - these are a little crude. Also, some instructions as to their positioning would have helped. The door, rear panel and engine access doors are all molded without the push out pin cups that are evident on the identical kit parts and the door fits much better to the rear plate in this set than the kit ones do. The vision flaps have the support arms added to them, unlike the kit parts that do not. No instructions included.

jaguar-63837.jpg (14851 bytes)Jaguar Set no. 63837
Sd.Kfz.250 Detail set
11 parts

Tan resin

Fighting compartment side walls with pioneer gear etc. molded in (kit parts are separate pieces). Some additional pioneer gear than what the kit provides is molded in. Also push out pin cups are eliminated on these parts that are evident on the kit parts.

Driver's compartment floor. Not that much better than the kit parts and no seat backs are included, but they are in the kit.

Vision flaps with support arms. Kit parts do not have the support arms.

Side bin. Identical to kit part.

Gun shield for M.G. Pretty much same as kit's.

M.G. Pretty much same as kit's.

Rifle rack with rifles. I personally like the kit's way of doing this, instead of all one piece like this resin part. The kit has the rifles separate and the rack pieces separate - much easier to paint and get around things!

Clear resin vision blocks. Same comments as in set no. 63836 description.

No instructions provided.

jaguar-63838.jpg (22785 bytes)Jaguar Set no. 63838
Sd.Kfz.250 Burnt out wheels set
MSRP $6.51
22 parts

Tan resin

Inner and outer inter-levered road wheels minus the rubber tires, Drive sprockets.

This will be a handy set if you want to do a derelict vehicle that has been through a fire. However, no front tire rims are included and I would think that if the vehicle is to be shown with the rubber burnt off the road wheels, that it would also be the case with the front wheels as well.

Crisply molded and a neat idea for a diorama.

No instructions provided.

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