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This month we feature articles from the dawn of flight to the jet age. Man first took to the skies in machines of wood and fabric held together by wires. Dennis Ugulano shows us this in his Farman F.40bis.. .. by WWII metal monoplanes were all the rage and Tom Cleaver presents one of the classics of WWII with his collection of P-47s. Finally Andrew Johnson brings us into the jet age with his superb natural metal finish Sabre.

- Bob Pearson


Feature Articles

Bristol Bullet
ByTom Cleaver

Farman F.40bis
By Dennis Ugulano

Pfalz Dr.I
By Candice Uhlir

P-47 Thunderbolt Revisited
By Tom Cleaver

Yellow 44 - Lilya Litvyak's Yak-1
By Caz Dalton

A Superb F-86 Sabre
By Andrew Johnson


New Releases and First Looks

New Releases
Roseplane resin and PARTS photoetch

First Looks
Amodel's Kocherigin Di-6 and Kamov Ka-60; Eduard's Albatros D.III(OAW); Flashback's Sopwith "Navy" Pup; Hasegawa "Bubbletop" Typhoon; Intech Breguet Br.14; Classic Airframes MB.152; Roseplane's OEFFAG C.II; HR Model's Martinsyde S-1. Classic Airframes and Historic Plastic Models' P-51H

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Air Intelligence
1999 Modelers'
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