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ROSEPLANE 1/72 vacuform Kit No. 208

By Dennis Ugulano

This is the latest offering from ROSEPLANE and this time they have chosen the Oeffeg C.II Series 52.5 as their subject.

The only information this reviewer has on this aircraft is that the C.I version was not a very good aircraft and only 17 were constructed. The C.II was the new and improved version but it proved to have disappointing performance and was not well liked by its crews. It entered service in October, 1916.

The Series 52.5 was to be an improvement over the C.II and it entered service in February 1917. The aircraft services with nine Fliks on the Russian and Rumanian Front. The series 52.5 was not much of an improvement over the C.II and most were soon converted to dual control and used as advanced trainers. There is no information available to this reviewer as to the number of series 52.5s that were constructed.



The kit consists of a single vacuformed sheet with seven parts and a template for struts, undercarriage, gun ring, etc. The plastic is of sufficient thickness so that single thickness wings will present no problems. The wingspan is a little under 7". The molding is crisp and clean, rib detail is excellent and cabane locating points and inspection plates are nicely done. There is no interior provided with the kit..

There are ten resin parts including an excellent engine. All of these parts are well molded with no pits or imperfections found.

There are no decals or strut material in the kit. All of this is can be obtained easily from outside sources.

The kit sells for $17.95, which puts it at the high end of the price range for this reviewer. But this is the price to be expected when it comes to obscure aircraft that ROSEPLANE is becoming know for. The kit should build into an interesting and little known aircraft.

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