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Reader's Galleria

Each month we present work submitted by our readership. Why not have your work featured here?

Bob Pearson

Candice Uhlir's Eduard Hannover CL.III.

Note the fuselage is covered in large handpainted lozenge oversprayed in dark blue as per the original. The Pfalz Dr.I featured elsewhere in this issue can be seen in the lower left.



Below can be seen an Albatros D.III, Hannover CL.III and the Pfalz Dr.I.






Moustafa Assad writes


Verlinden 120mm figure that I did .. I tried to include some text but simply there were nothing to write about..



Fujimi 1/48 Bf-110

by Bob Pearson

This was my first model with PE and also one of the first I used the airbrush on when I bought my Paasche. Next time I do the wasp :-)

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