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The Rotating Shipyard

After many years of building aircraft, I have recently returned to building ships. For my first ship in over 15 years I decided to build the 1/700 Tamiya O Class destroyer, however the more I researched the more I saw it needed correction. Therefore while waiting for reference material I started on the Matchbox HMS Kelly and HMS Ariadne . . . same thing. Next I began work on the Skywave Z Class destroyers (as these are now marketed by Tamiya, it shows how long they were in the closet). These also needed work as I wanted to modify one into the flotilla leader Z-28. So with six ships now underway and all waiting on either references or photo-etch detail parts I finally found one that I figured I could do as an OOB build - the Aoshima Unyo.

All of the above are now part of the 'Floating Shipyard', each of which is scheduled to make an appearance in these pages as I make my way through the various mediums available to the ship modeler today.

Bob Pearson


Feature Articles

Aoshima's IJN CVE Unyo
By Bob Pearson


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