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1/35th scale conversion

by Moustafa Assad


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I began work on this vehicle early in 1992. The work stopped from 1994 till 1995. Work restarted as soon as proper research material was available.

The IDF Centurion APC entered service in the early 1980s. The first version saw action during the 1982 invasion. It was then modified and Blazer armour added to it. The vehicle saw extensive upgrading from 1985 till today, like raised drivers' station, enhanced roof, ribbed side armour, Mag'ach style side skirts, Teledyne-Continental engine, sunroof, and many other modifications. This vehicle depicts the Centurion Engineering APC as seen in 1990. This Kit won the first prize in the Tamiya-Lebanon Competition 1997.


The whole interior was scratch built using Plastic card, Cardboard sheets, moulded resin, and fine brass wires. Side skirts were scratch built using sheet styrene, photoetched brass and squadron 2 way putty. The Star antenna was entirely scratch built (it took about 4 weeks to complete). The rear deck stowage bin was scratch built using brass wire. The Vehicle was painted using Tamiya acrylics, The correct pigment was mixed from four colours.


Tamiya: British Centurion Main Battle Tank (injection plastic)
Academy/Minicraft: KMT Mine Roller (injection plastic)
IDF tank crew (injection plastic)
Kirin: Centurion APC conversion (resin)
Dragon: IDF weapons, gear, and helmets (injection plastic) IDF Infantry, Lebanon 82
Verlinden: IDF Infantry accessories (resin)
IDF tank crew (resin)
Small Chain (metal)
MG FN Machine Guns (resin, photoetch)
.50 Cal machine Gun (resin, photoetch)
IDF Blazer reactive armour (resin)
IDF vehicle markings (rub down decals)

Thanks to Mr. Samer Kassis & Elite Models for the photography

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