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CMK's 1/35 Volkswagen Typ. 87 Command Car

Kit No. T35013
MSRP $12.98

By Ray Mehlberger


During WWII various Volkswagen vehicles were developed under the type 87 designation, with 4-wheel drive for the Wehrmacht. Amongst these was a car with the civilian body, known under the designation "kommaneurswagen" (command car) VW 87. This was an off-road vehicle with the civilian type VW 60 body shell and the kubelwagen’s chassis. It was powered by the normal air-cooled, four-cylinder boxer engine of 25hp. The four speed gears were to improve the traction complemented by an off-road speed.

The vehicle of this design was manufactured from 1941 in limited numbers. Most were delivered to the Afrika Korps. For service in Africa the car was fitted with huge sand tires for operation in the desert. This required a modification of the front axles and widening of the fenders. The engine and electrical equipment were protected against dust and moisture. Most of these command cars were fitted with a folding cloth roof.

The advantages of the car were it’s capability to move off-road and to protect the crew from rain, wind, dust, and cold. Its disadvantages were the cramped quarters that limited the ease of the crew leaving the car under combat conditions and insufficient storage space.

What's In The Box?

The kit consists of 69 medium gray plastic parts. This gray color of plastic seems to be the trademark of kits from Eastern Europe. It is good quality plastic. There are 13 clear parts, making up the windows and the headlight and tail-light lenses. There are 2 head light options: full lenses and blacked-out ones with just a slit.

The instructions consist of six pages, written in both Czech and English. There are eight construction steps and a painting and decaling drawing.

There is only one decal option for the Remke falschirmjager division (paratroopers) in N. Africa.

In addition to the large, balloon tires used in Africa there are two other sets of tires and rims for the European theatre of operation. One set has baby mood hubcaps and the other does not. I suspect from this that there will be other boxings of this kit later.

Interior parts consist of three seats, a storage box (that replaces one rear seat), gearshift handles, dashboard, and the steering wheel. There is a map table that juts out from the glove compartment and an MP 40 machine pistol in a mount under the map table. I suspect that once this MP 40 is installed in the kit that it will be pretty hidden from view under there. There is no driver figure.

The kit is very well molded and the upper and lower body parts click together when dry fitted. The detail is very nicely engraved. There are a lot of push-out pins and cup marks on some parts…so careful cleanup is in order. Most of these are shallow and easily addressed with the sanding stick.

As a final touch they give you two alternates for the trunk and bonnet hoods. There is also a full bench rear seat that is an alternate not mentioned in the plans for the Afrika Korps version.

This kit is available from Squadron Mail Order and GreatModels Webstore

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