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Ironside/Azimut 1/35 Sd.Kfz. 135/1 7.5 cm Pak 40 Auf Gw Lorraine Marder I

Kit no. IR 054


By Ray Mehlberger

Recently arriving from Greatmodels web store is this new variation of their earlier French Lorraine tractor kit. This time it is a captured German version with a Pak 40 mounted on it, known as the Lorraine Marder I. This new kit has all the parts of the earlier Lorraine kit by Ironside/Azimut in it plus 2 more trees of plastic parts for the Pak 40 gun and upper hull fittings. The icing on the cake is a lathe-turned metal gun barrel for the Pak. Also included in the kit is a resin transmission piece, which was also in the earlier kit and the same small fret of photo-etched parts that was in the earlier kit also.

The kit is molded in light gray plastic, which seems to be the standard color for the few Ironside kits that I currently have in my collection. There are 267 plastic parts in this kit, 18 parts of photo-etched, and the already mentioned resin transmission and metal gun barrel. The muzzle brake for this metal barrel is done in plastic in two halves. I personally would have liked a metal one in one piece but thatís just my opinion. The parts seem to have some rather large attachment points. This may be a problem when later removing some of the smaller more delicate parts, so take care there.

The upper hull shield parts are heavily scored on the parts trees so you can fold them to shape. How this is going to work out will remain to be seen! I found very few pin marks and it is virtually flash free.

The instructions are printed in French and English; here is where I think the kit could stand some improvement. There is only a drawing of the photo-etched fret on the plans to identify those parts. In one place in the 6 page instructions they say that these parts are shown on the assembly sequence drawings as a black dot with an alphabet letter behind the black dot. On another page is gives the symbol to look for as being "#" with the alphabet letter behind it. The black dot is what is shown in the drawings and is correct.

Most of the assembly sequences are the exploded drawing type. The drawings do not give any part numbers for the plastic parts, nor is there a parts tree drawing anywhere in evidence. You have to wing it and try to identify the parts by their shape in the drawings. Because of these instructions, I would not recommend this kit to the beginning modeler; the armor modeler with a few kits under his belt should have no problems. Just carefully study the instruction drawings is all. Ironsides does need to number stuff and offer a parts tree drawing on their plans.

The photo-etch is mostly for parts for the front of the vehicle; there are two panels that make up part of the shielding on the nose of the tank, front fender pieces, exhaust shield, and other small fittings.

Decals are for 2 different German vehicles serving in France in 1942. They consist of alternate white or black national crosses in the outline only versions, the vehicle number 322 in red, and some white tactical marks.

On the side of the box, Ironsides shows two more upcoming kits of a railroad boxcar type G10 (kit no. IR039) and a V36 diesel locomotive (kit no. IR056). I look forward to getting one of each of these.

This fine kit will be fully reviewed later in the magazine. I look forward to building it, as it has always been one of my favorite German vehicles.

The Lorraine Marder I is available from Greatmodels webstore. MSRP is $38.00, but Greatmodels' price is $29.45. I highly recommend this store and their prompt and courteous service.

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