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World War One Profiles
By Bob Pearson and Chris Banyai-Riepl

This month we bring you a large selection of World War One profiles, from the early days with the Bristol Scout to the end with the Bristol Fighter, and plenty in between. On this page we have a great introductory trio of classic fighters done by Bob Pearson, while the Albatros Fighters, Bristol F2b Fighters, Pfalz D.VIIIs, Bristol Scouts, and Whippets can be found on their own pages.

Royal Aircraft Factory FE2b 6341
Captain D Grinnel-Milne/Corporal D MacMaster
No.25 Sqn RFC
May 1916

A presentation aircraft named "Zanzibar No.1" "The Scotch Express", 6341 shows typical FE2 markings of teh period. On 1 May 1916, Grinnel-Milne and MacMaster were forced down by Ltn Gontermann of Jasta 5. 6341 was then extensively photographed in German hands.

Pfalz Dr.I 3050/17

Basically a D.VII/VIII with an extra wing, the prototype Pfalz Dr.I, 3050/17 was photographed with von Richthofen in the cockpit while it was undergoing testing

Nieuport 17 N3509
Escadrille N.89

The unit marking of N.89 was a wasp in flight.

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