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Eduard 48-219
1/48 Tamiya Aichi M6A1 Seiran
Detail Set

The Tamiya Seiran is a beautiful model, and there isn't much room for improvement. As a result this detail set is rather small, but it does include pieces that are very difficult to get to look right out of plastic. The first section deals with the interior, and here we get the usual treatment of an excellent relief-etched instrument panel with an acetate positive for the instruments. The seats are provided, along with seatbelts to match. Rudder pedals and other small details finish out the interior, and coupled with the Tamiya parts should really spice the cockpit up a lot.

Moving outside, again there isn't much added, with most of the details being fine pieces like grab handles and such. The other big addition is a set of brass fins for the bomb. These fins will greatly enhance the look of that weapon, as they are nice and thin.

While this set doesn't offer much, the little details it does have will go a long way to setting your Seiran apart from the rest.

Eduard 48-220
1/48 Hasegawa Aichi B7A2 Grace
Detail Set

The release of the Aichi B7A2 by Hasegawa was a pleasant surprise for many, and it wasn't long before a detail set appeared for it. While the Hasegawa kit is superb in many areas, the kit can be enhanced greatly with this set.

Eduard does their usual interior treatment in this set, including an instrument panel, seats, and seatbelts. What really helps enhance the kit, though, are the exterior details. An engine ignition wiring harness is provided, as are oil cooler screens. But the neatest part are the replacement torpedo propellers and fins. By polishing up the brass propellers, you won't even have to paint them, and the fins are much thinner than the kit parts.

If you've got a Grace in your to-do stack and want to add a little pizazz, be sure to check this set out.

Eduard 48-222
1/48 AMT/ERTL P-40N Warhawk
Detail Set

This is one neat set! Eduard really went to town on this one, and it shows. Starting with the interior, there are THREE panels, one for the P-40N-1 and N-5, one for the N-10/-15/-20, and one for the N-25/-30/-35/-40. The rest of the interior is made up of various detail bits, including a replacement seat, seatbelts, carburetor air intake control, throttle, and rudder pedals.

Moving to the outside, the set provides radiator meshes and cowl flaps (with the option of having those either open or closed, with interior and exterior detailing). Bomb fins are provided, as are undercarriage doors for both the main gear and the tailwheel. Other details include undercarriage bits, drop tank attachment points and filler cap, and bomb racks.

With all the detailing provided in this set, it's hard to think of what else could be added. This set is highly recommended.

Eduard 48-223
1/48 AMT/ERTL P-40N Warhawk

OK, I thought of what else could be added to the AMT/ERTL kit. Flaps! And I guess Eduard thought of the same thing. This set gives you that option, with both the flaps and the wing interior. Some minor cutting of the kit will be needed to use these, but once done this set will really set your P-40 off from the rest. While this set is for the P-40N, I am guessing that they could be used for the other AMT/ERTL P-40s as well.

Eduard 48-225
1/48 Accurate Miniatures SBD-5
Detail Set

Not much can be added to the already superb Accurate Miniatures Dauntless kit, so this set focuses on some of the smaller detailing.

There are two frets of brass in this set, with the first one covering the interior and small exterior detailing. The interior is enhanced with the usual Eduard instrument panel treatment, as well as a replacement seat and seatbelts. Other details include an engine ignition wiring harness, underwing antennae, gunsights, and ammunition belts.

The other fret replaces the dive brakes with excellently done brass ones. Also included on this fret are replacement bomb fins as well as some other exterior detailing that will go a great deal to making your Accurate Miniatures SBD really accurate.

Eduard 48-229
1/48 Dragon He162A-2 Salamander
Detail Set

The Dragon kit of the dimunitive He162 was first released by Trimaster, then DML. Like the kit, this brass detail set is also small, but it adds a lot to the model.

The interior is almost entirely provided in brass, with replacement sidewalls, instrument panel, seat, seat belts, and rudder pedals. This is good, as the bubble canopy of the He162 really shows off a lot. Other details include landing gear oleo scissors, canopy railings and aerials.

If you're building this kit, this detail set is a must-have.

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