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Cobra Company
1/72 A-1E Cockpit Interior
For the Monogram Kit

The single-seat A-1 Skyraider - well-served in kit form in 1:72 by Hasegawa’s beautiful kit, released in 1997—has been given the full treatment by aftermarket vendors. Decals and sets for ordnance, wheels, engine and cockpit detail are readily available. But for the AD-5 (a.k.a the A-1E or the "Fat-Face SPAD"), there has been no such glut of aftermarket help. Oh, sure, there are some decals for Air Force A-1Es here and there and the 1982 IPMS/USA Nationals decal sheet had markings for an AD-5W, but the poor, old Monogram A-1E has languished unappreciated by the resin crowd, despite the fact that the kit was arguably the best Able Dog in the scale until Hasegawa raised the bar.

That period of neglect has ended, thanks to Cobra Company. They released a set of control surfaces for the old girl way back in 1997, at the same time their 1:48 set for the Matchbox A-1E was released. Now, at long last, there’s something to put on the inside of the A-1E, and it’s worth looking at.

The set includes nine pieces: a large cockpit tub, two seats, two control columns, two gunsights, a central bulkhead and a control panel. One of the gunsights is an extra, as may be one of the control columns depending on whether you build an A-1E or an A-1G. The tub includes side consoles and center console, with exquisite detail that will benefit from careful painting. The rear cockpit, known as the "blue room" because of the tinted canopy on Navy models, is left empty except for the canvas covers on the sides and back. A neat rivet pattern adds some visual interest to the floor. Unlike other sets with molded on sidewalls, there should be no problem painting the undercut portions of this tub.

The seats have seat belts molded to their faces, and capture the details of these distinct seats. Lightening holes in their sides were open on the right sides of my seats, but flashed over on the left side; a careful twist of a pin vise will easily open the left side holes as well.

The center bulkhead has detail on the cockpit side, while the "blue room" side is devoid of detail. My sample has some dimples in the back of the bulkhead that will require some sanding to eradicate, The control panel comes complete with the instrument shroud, with a distinct mounting point for the gunsight. The panel isn’t the type that makes one wonder how the patternmaker did it, but how LONG it took the patternmaker to do it! Multiple dials in bezels are represented by small, drilled-out squares—not as fine in their detail as Cooper Details or Hawkeye, but very good nonetheless. The control columns are right on target, and the gunsights are complete but for the reflector glass, allowing the modeler to add the glass himself.

The set was based in the U.S. Air Force Museum’s A-1E, 52-139608, the aircraft that Bernie Fisher flew on his Medal of Honor mission. Having sat in the cockpit of this very Skyraider, your reviewer can attest that, when pieced together, the set captures the crowded yet spacious feel of this big Able Dog.

You can build an A-1E in USAF configuration straight from the bag, or, with the addition of a second throttle quadrant, an A-1G, modifications to the controls can yield a Navy AD-5 or AD-5N, and further modifications to the "blue room" can give you an AD-5W. Like the real AD-5, this set is versatile, adaptable, and could give you the ability to achieve a number of goals.


Roseparts 1/48 and 1/72 WW1 aircraft details.

Roseparts is the resin producing side of Barry Stettler's Rosemont Hobbies. He also has a line of 1/72 vacform aircraft and balloon kits marketed under the Roseplane banner. Built up examples of these can be seen on his website. All of the resin detail parts are well molded and most welcome and will dress up any kit.


1/48 Albatros C.III Fuel Tank
$1.50 USD

Replacement for the Eduard kit part.

1/48 Spandau Machine Guns
$3.00 USD

2 guns along with feed and spent cartridge chutes.






1/48 Vickers Machine Guns
$3.00 USD

Two standard issue Vickers machine guns.


1/72 Lewis Machine Guns
$2.25 USD

A total of six standard issue Lewis Machine Guns. One of two main types of armament on Allied aircraft.

1/72 Vickers Machine Guns
$2.25 USD

A total of six standard issue Vickers Machine Guns. Main armament on most Allied aircraft.






1/72 Spandau Machine Guns
$2.25 USD

A total of six standard issue Spandau Machine Guns and feed and cartridge chutes. Used by most German aircraft.





1/72 Schwarzlose machine guns

$3.00 USD

Four guns for use on Austro-Hungarian aircraft



1/72 seats

$2.25 USD




1/72 Wheels

L to R

#505 - 10mm

#504 - 9mm

#503 - 9.5mm

$2.25 USD ea.




1/72 Propellors


9'3" Right hand pitch


8'8" Right hand pitch




10'9" Right hand pitch


9'6" Left hand pitch

$2.25 USD ea.


1/72 Nieuport 11/17 undercarriage struts

$1.50 USD





1/72 Morane-Saulnier Type L undercarriage Struts

$2.00 USD



1/72 Austro-Diamler 200hp Engine

$3.50 USD

Used in many Austro-Hungarian aircraft.


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Air Intelligence
1999 Modelers'
Reference Guides

1/32 Scale Guide $18.00
1/48 Scale Guide $25.00
1/72 Scale Guide $25.00
HH-43 Huskie Color
Reference Guide $15.00

Please add $3.20 Postage in the US.

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