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de Havilland Hornet
Warpaint Series No. 19
by Tony Butler
Published by Hall Park Books
ISSN 1363-0369

Reviewed by Chris Banyai-Riepl

The de Havilland Hornet can best be described as a streamlined Mosquito and is probably the most aesthetic twin-engined fighter of all time. Its only problem was that it came onto the scene at the beginning of jet technology, and while the Hornet could actually better the Meteor in air-to-air combat, the novelty of the jet age proved too much, and the Hornet led a very short service career.

Finding material on this wonderful airplane isn't easy, as its life was overshadowed by the more audible jet aircraft of the time. With the release of the Dynavector 1/48 kit and the Magna Models 1/72 kits, though, well deserved attention is being paid to this plane, and this latest Warpaint title is very welcome indeed. As with all the Warpaint titles, this one has a well-balanced blend of color and black & white photos, color profiles, and a center section with 1/72 drawings. The writing is very well done and covers the beginnings with the Mosquito replacement and finishes with the Sea Hornet and its service. A bit is given on surviving Hornets, which unfortunately is very short. No Hornet survived intact, and there are only parts of a few remaining scattered throughout the world.

Overall, this book is very well done and will provide both the model builder and the historian with plenty of detailed information to satisfy anyone interested in this sleek fighter from de Havilland.

Hall Park Books
P.O. Box 1701
Milton Keynes MK17 8YZ
Buckinghamshire, England

Encyclopedia of 1/72 Scale Models
by Tom Young

Reviewed by Chris Banyai-Riepl

If you build in the one true scale of 1/72, you've got a huge list of kits to choose from. Keeping it all straight can be a daunting task indeed, but that's where ESM72 comes in. This is a complete encyclopedia of 1/72 kits, covering everything ever done in this scale. It is put out quarterly, with an annual subscription service of only $25. With kit manufacturers releasing kits at a furious pace, this kind of work is a great relief. Now if you want to know if Revell made a 1/72 Bf109, all you have to do is flip to the Revell section and take a look.

The quarterly updates also mean that you won't be wondering about what came out last month, as the people at ESM work very hard to keep this title current. If you're a 1/72 modeler (and we all should be, right?) this is one book you'll want to have on your shelf.

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A-26B/C Invader
Warbird Profile No. 1
By Francis Gallemi
Published by Aries Publications

Reviewed by Chris Banyai-Riepl

There's something about the A-26 that just looks neat. Maybe it's the twin radials housed in streamlined nacelles, or that sharp dihedral on the tail. Or maybe it's the fact that the A-26 served in three US conflicts, from World War Two to Vietnam. Whatever the reason, the A-26 is a fascinating plane and this book peels away the skin and gives us a thorough look inside.

After a brief overview of the plane, the title starts at the front of the plane and works back, with a combination of color photos and black & white photos from service manuals. Nothing is missing from this walkaround, so if you're looking to detail out a model, this book is a must-have.

Speaking of models, the book finishes with a short review of all the available kits of the A-26. Unfortunately there aren't many kits available of this venerable bomber.

Overall, this is a great introduction to this new series by Aries Publications, and if you're looking for A-26 references, this book is all you'll need for the details.

Aries Publications
353 Dr. Thauvette
Vaudreuil (Quebec) J7V 6Z4


TBF/TBM Avenger
Warbird Profile No. 2
By Francis Gallemi
Published by Aries Publications

Reviewed by Chris Banyai-Riepl

The Grumman TBF/TBM Avenger was the main torpedo bomber of the US Navy during the Second World War, and recently the modeler has been blessed by excellent kits in both 1/72 and 1/48. With this great opportunity, Aries has come out with their second title in their Warbird Profile series covering this plane. Imitating the format of the A-26 book described above, this title takes you on a photographic tour of every nook and cranny of the Avenger, with both color photos of restored Avengers and black & white photos from the servicing and operation manuals.

A set of scale drawings are also included, as is the overview of the current models available. Starting with the Combat Models 1/32 kit and ending up with the Hasegawa 1/72 kit, the brief text on each one covers the ups and downs and what needs to be done to get the best out of the model.

With this title, the superdetailer can go wild on the Accurate Miniatures or Hasegawa Avenger, or the more intrepid modeler can now effectively tackle the Combat Models kit and not have to go looking for data. Well done, Aries!

Aries Publications
353 Dr. Thauvette
Vaudreuil (Quebec) J7V 6Z4

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Air Intelligence
1999 Modelers'
Reference Guides

1/32 Scale Guide $18.00
1/48 Scale Guide $25.00
1/72 Scale Guide $25.00
HH-43 Huskie Color
Reference Guide $15.00

Please add $3.20 Postage in the US.

TacAir Publications

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Albuquerque NM
(505) 881-9621

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