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PRICE: $24.98

by Ray Mehlberger



Take DML's German Sturmboot from their earlier kit no. 6108, and two of their earlier German large rubber dinghies from kit no. 6109 -throw in two new (identical) trees of parts for a pontoon bridge - and you have this new kit from Shanghai Dragon. Can't blame a company for getting more use - and sales - out of earlier molds, can ya?

The first cello bag in the kit contains two identical light gray plastic sprues for the dinghies: the dinghy halves (tops and bottoms), the dinghy floors, 14 loops (that a provided string threads through around the perimeter of the dinghy, and 16 letter 'Y' shaped knotted ropes (also used around the perimeter of the dinghies. (66 parts in all)

The second cello bag has one tree of light gray plastic parts that are for the sturmboot. This tree contains: the boats hull, floor, side cushions, out-board motor, and one German figure. (26 total parts)

Finally, the third cello bag contains the parts that are unique to this new kit. These are the parts for the pontoon bridge. They are also in the same light gray. These two (identical) trees of parts contain: the bridge deck, the deck supports, and hand rails. (20 parts)

No decals are in the kit, and really none are needed for this subject.

The instructions consist of a six page, gate-fold sheet. It has eight assembly steps for the pontoon bridge and the one soldier figure. There is no history on it for the subject. A painting guide is given for the pontoon bridge and the German figure.

The kit box is rather too roomy for a kit this size. It could have been reduced in size by at least a third. However the box art is really nice and there are photographs, on the side of the box, of a diorama that was built using the box art as reference.

Now, where did I hide that artist's gel medium stuff that you use for water???

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