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Copper State Models 1/28 Decals

for the Revell/Hobbycraft Fokker Dr.I &

By Tom Cleaver

So you say you've had those old Revell kits, the 1/28 Fokker Dr.I and the SPAD XIII hiding in your stash closet for so long you're sure those decals are totally hinky, and nobody ever does anything for these kits anyway, no matter how nice they are, and...and.... is that what's bothering you, Boo-Boo?

Have no fear, pilgrim, Eric Hight at Copper State Models has heard your laments and ridden to the rescue with these four outstanding decal sheets that are so good you'll have to go to the next kit swap meet and hand over your oldest child to obtain more of these kits to use up all of them!

Seriously, those old Revell models, now pushing 40 years since they first saw the light of day, are excellent kits that can be built into impressive models, particularly if you use these are excellent decals, printed by Micro-Scale, which utilize the latest research to allow you to make accurate models of the most famous airplanes flown by these famous First World War aces during their careers. Furthermore Hobbycraft has released the old Revell Dr.I along with their own 1/32 Sopwith Camel and Nieuport 17.

Sheet #117

Fokker Dr.I 450/17
Ltn Josef Jacobs
Jasta 7


Provides markings for 44-victory ace Josef Jacobs' famous "Black Devil" triplane, with a very accurate representation of his hand-painted "God of the North-Wind" insignia..





Sheet #118

Fokker F.I 103/17
Ltn Werner Voss
Jasta 10

Provides national and personal markings for Werner Voss' famous Fokker F.1, 103/17, the triplane in which he gained mythological immortality as the result of a fatal dogfight with several outstanding aces of 56 Squadron, RFC in 1917.


Sheet #124

1/Lt Frank Luke, Jr
27th Aero Sqn USAS

Has all the markings for the SPAD XIII flown by "The Arizona Cowboy," ballon-buster Frank Luke, who - when he died in a shootout with German soldiers in September 1918 - was the leading American ace after a stellar two week battle with German observation balloons along the Marne Front.


Sheet #127

Captain Edward V Rickenbacker
94th Aero Sqn USAS

Provides all markings for "Captain Eddie" Rickenbacker, America's Ace of Aces of the First World War, and probably one of the few American aces of any war people who know nothing about airplanes can identify.


All sheets provide comprehensive markings information. The two SPAD sheets additionally provide camouflage patterns for one of the five-color French camouflage used on the SPADs flown by Americans.

Each sheet retails for US$5.99, and are available from Copper State Models. Now that you have these great decals, you'll undoubtedly want to obtain all the other 1/28 detail sets available from Copper State so you can gild that lily the way it should be.

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