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Revell 1/24 Porsche GT-1 Evo 'Champion Porsche'


By Tony Paton





This is Porsche's second incarnation of the incredible GT-1. The 'Evo' depicted by Revell in this model is the Champion Porsche team's car that raced in the 24 hours of Daytona in 1998. This is a fully detailed kit with removable rear bodywork to view the engine.

What's in the Box?

One hundred and thirty one (131) parts greet the modeler when they open this box. There are seven sprues that molded in white. Most came in their own plastic bag with the exception of three small sprues coming in one bag. No parts were dislodged in transport. The two piece bodywork and undertray are separate from the frets and also come in their own bags. These are also molded in white and there are no scratches or major flaws. No annoying flash to remove either.

Light pods are molded in silver, which is strange, as they will be painted anyway. The same goes with the wheels. These were molded in gold.

The clear fret contains the windows and light lenses and came in their own plastic bag.

The decals are byCartograph and looked superb. They capture the bright yellows, greens and reds of the paintwork. Which has been described as looking like a jar of jellybeans.

The instructions are seven pages long. Each step contains many sub-steps. There is no cause for alarm as each step is clear and precise. There maybe trouble with the suspension area but with care this shouldn't pose a problem.

In Conclusion

Revell have given this kit a '3' skill level which I think is an indication of the amount of parts. This kit will take some time to complete. Time will also be needed when decalling the body. There are a lot of the multi colored jellybean shapes and care will be needed to not move any out of place.

This kit will be the first of three Evo kits I plan to build, as I believe it is the best looking Porsche of the racing kind ever built.

Thanks to Revell-Monogram for the review sample


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