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Revell 1/25 Patrick Racing's Visteon Reynard



By Tony Paton





This 1/25 kit by Revell captures the striking silver, black and bright orange Visteon scheme as raced by Scott Pruet in the 1998 CART Fed-ex championship. Although the model has no engine detail, it does include two sets of wings and tires. There are road or oval wings and if you opt for the former option, you can choose between slick or wet weather tires. A driver figure is also included. When completed the model measures 7 1/2".

What's inside?

There are 56 separate pieces with the majority molded in white. The only exception is the wheels that are molded in chrome plated plastic. The molding looks clean & crisp. On closer inspection there is no flash to remove.

There are a lot of sprues in this kit. There are nine in total with the average total of parts they include being ten or less. These were packed into 3 bags which caused a few of the parts to come off their respective positions. Apart from this I couldn't see any other damage like scratches. Thankfully the clear parts were in their own bag. There are only two clear parts. These are the visor for the driver helmet and the small windscreen if you can call them that.

As stated above there are two sets of rubber tires. Wet weather tires come with an impressive authentic tread.

The decals are by Cartograph and are of good quality. There are decals for the seatbelts but I'm not sure if they are attached to the driver figure or are placed on the seat. Time will tell when I get to that stage of construction.

Perceived problems

Only big dilemma that I can see is what version to make. Not only do you have to decide what wings and tires to use, consideration must also include the seated driver figure and what side you want the fuel filler to be. It would be great to be able to interchange the street and oval wings. No bright orange decals are provided to color the inside of the front and rear wings. Getting the right paint match maybe a problem.

Apart from that the kit looks pretty straight forward and will be a great edition to my collection.

Thanks to Revell-Monogram for the review sample.


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