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RPM 1/72 Ford Tfc Armored Car


by Peter Mitchell





Model tank and armoured car kits of the 1914-1918 period are a fairly rare item. An example that is nicely produced, injection moulded and inexpensively priced is almost unheard of.

It is even more refreshing to have such an example done in the form of an unusual little armoured car, basically an armour plated model T Ford. RPM have produced a fine little kit which I believe with care can be turned into a fine little model.

The Kit

Inside the small but sturdy box, the kit provides 39 parts moulded in light grey styrene on two sprues and a small decal sheet, all packed in a sealed plastic bag. There is very little flash on the parts.

The tiny chassis is no longer than 40mm and the completed model will measure no larger than 15mm wide x 30mm high.

The parts essentially allow you to build a box on wheels, detail on the underside is sparse but does include an engine sump, transmission/drive shaft, differential, exhaust, muffler and steering gear. Suspension springs are moulded integrally with the main chassis and while all this is simplistic it is still well done and offers enormous scope anyone wishing to really super-detail this area. The spoked wheels are also nicely executed. Detail on the armoured top is well captured, although not as crisp as it could be, it is still finely done although the armour plates do possess a slightly grainy texture sometimes found on "Esci" tank kits of the same scale. While this is present it does not detract form the overall effect of the model, nor is it something that a bit of sand paper won't fix.

The turret is moulded as a single piece, to which the machine gun is added, the later being a little chunky.

The kit is attractively boxed and all assembly instructions, parts list and painting guide are featured on the outside of the box. Paint guide allows for one of four Polish army vehicles from the same unit to be built in a snazzy four-colour camouflage scheme reminiscent of that applied to British Mk.I tanks. The decals are thin, well printed and possess excellent register.


Overall I think this is an excellent little kit that is great value for money. With a small amount of effort it should make into a fantastic little model of an unusual example of early armoured vehicle. Now all we need is for RPM to make a 1914 pattern Rolls Royce armoured car or maybe a Whippet tank.... here's hoping.

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