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RS Resins 1/72 Conversion for the Italeri Do-217k or J


By Allan Wanta




The workhorse Do-217 was continually altered during the course of its career; this mutation evolved adding a DB605T engine inside the fuselage driving a two-stage supercharger. These in turn supplied the two driving engines with the necessary power. The crew occupied a pressurized cockpit with defensive armament limited to four MG 81 machine guns, two above and to the rear of the cockpit and two below firing towards the rear. Basically an attempted to attain a high altitude reconnaissance and bomber using an existing 217 E-2 airframe. During trials it reached an altitude of 13.400 meters, but no production was undertaken.

The Conversion

Having looked at the old Italeri kit of the Dornier Do-217K earlier, this easy and interesting conversion will put a new twist on this old dog. Both Do-217 kits can be used, the nightfighter 217J or the 217K bomber as new resin engines are supplied as well as propellers and spinners. In total 30 pieces make up this conversion, three are clear vacu-formed canopy parts. The resin pieces are well done with fine engraved lines, no hint of air bubbles to be seen. The canopy is clear but not excessively thin.

A clear one-page instruction sheet is provided and lays out the needed surgical cuts to the main fuselage, nothing of which should pose a problem for the intermediate to advanced builder. Use the existing kit parts for the interior and supplied decals paint in overall RLM 65 and voila, a different sort of Do-217, one which you are unlikely to see in injection form anytime soon.


This conversion is just one of a few this company produces to convert the venerable Italeri Do-217 kit to a new and quite different version. Clear instructions make this a good job for all but the complete novice in resin products. Although the price may put some off, I feel it is still a good value. This will make an excellent addition to my Do-217 line-up, and one that will definitely stand out!

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