Fokker D.VI in Profile

By Bob Pearson

Looking like a cross between the better knwn Fokker Dr.I and D.VII, the D.VI was an interim design intended to make use of the Oberurusel rotary engine (which Fokker owned). Although a good basic design, it was to be overshadowed by the superlative Fokker D.VII, with which it was roughly contemporary), and use was restricted to a few second line Jastas and home defences Kests. One of which was the Bavarian Jasta 80b - two aircraft from which are shown here. Click on either image for a full-size proflie.

Fokker D.VI
Ltn Spiedel
Jasta 80b
Source: Windsock 2/2


Fokker D.VI
Ltn Sietz
Jasta 80b
Source: Ferko Collection / UTD


Both of these aircraft are interesting. Both are in overall four-colour lozenge, except the D.VI flown by Spiedel has the lower port wing in five-colour. The D.VI flown by Seitz has a face painted on the cowl, and carries the name 'FRATZ' on the flank panels. The unit marking was a black tailplane with a white stripe on each side. That seen on the first aircraft may be prior to application of the black paint. Of interest is the white stripe between the wing crosses.

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