by Ray Mehlberger

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While at the IPMS/USA Region II Convention, in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania this October, I got in conversation with the owner of JOE'S MODELS in the vendor's room. JOE'S MODELS is a wholesaler and retailer of hobby kits, based in Verona, New Jersey. Most of the kits sold by this firm are limited run and resin.

I was fortunate enough to be given a review sample of some of the figures that this company retails. The company also sells aircraft kits in 1/72 and 1/48th scales, some decals, armor kits in 1/72nd, several types of one man submarines in 1/72nd, and aircraft models accessories.

The kit of the German Engineer troops contains two resin figures. These figures are packaged in a clear plastic box...that has a sliding lid on it with a photograph of the figures in a diorama setting attached. Each figure's parts are cello bagged inside.

The resin is the light tan variety and the sculpting is good. I did find a few surface bubbles to contend with, but that seems to be common on some resin kits. One figure is in a kneeling position, planting a mine...while the second figure is standing by holding a second mine. The kneeling figure is wearing a hooded parka, a peak hat, a low cut shoes with gaiters, and a bread bag and canteen are provided for his personal gear. He comes in six pieces: head, body, shoes, arms, equipment, and his hands holding the mine.

The second figure is standing. He consists of 14 pieces: head (with steel helmet), chest, hips and legs, arms, shoes, right hand, mine, rifle, bayonet in scabbard, saw in scabbard, and three pouches.

There are nine different Kit Boy resin kits currently available: a German artillery officer, a set of 75mm Panther ammo with storage boxes, a German motorcyclist, a Panzer Grenadier, a BMW R75 with side car team of three figures (BMW not included), a German soldier, an SS Officer of the 12th Pz. Div. "Hitler Jugend", and a U.S. Paratrooper.

Although a relatively small company, these figures are quite good. It is the first that I have ever heard of KIT BOY or seen their products.

I want to thank Joe's Models for graciously providing this review sample.

Joe's Models address is:

19 Valley View Road
Verona, N.J. 07044
Phone: (973) 239-7682
Fax: (973) 571-9649

He is not yet on the internet, but has future plans to be.

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