MAC's 1/72 Einheits-Diesel

By Chris Banyai-Riepl


The German Army during the late 1930s relied heavily on extensive motorization, resulting in a great number of vehicles designed to carry troops and materials.  One such vehicle was the Einheits-Diesel, a large 2.5 ton 6x6 truck of classic construction with an 80hp diesel engine.  Construction started in 1937 and by the time production stopped in 1940 over 10,000 vehicles were produced.  The Einheits-Diesel saw service in nearly all theatres of conflict during the first years of the Second World War.  The Einheits-Diesel eventually was replaced by less expensive two-axle vehicles.

The Kit

Molded in black plastic, the MAC kit of the Einheits-Diesel is a very nice-looking kit, with crisp detailing throughout.  The main breakdown of parts is a one-piece chassis, a two-part cab, and a one-piece cargo bed.  The detail parts are finely molded with no flash present.  The wheels are solid and have almost no seam present.  The level of injection molding of this kit from the Czech Republic is easily on par with those from the best Japanese kit manufacturers.  The only non-plastic parts included are the three metal axles.

There is a small decal sheet that includes crosses, license plates, and unit markings.  The decals are printed by MPD and are well done.  The painting instructions are included with the assembly instructions, making it a bit difficult to figure things out.  Decal placement is also included in the assembly instructions, again making it difficult to determine what goes where.  For the most part the markings are fairly self-explanatory as to where they go.


This is an excellent kit of an early Wehrmacht vehicle and is an excellent addition to any 1/72 armor collection.  With the broad usage of the Einheits-Diesel this kit could be a nice addition to any diorama.

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