ModelKrak's 1/72 Austin Series 1
WWI Russian Armored Car

By Matt Bittner


Unfortunately I don't have any history on the type, other than what is in the reference listed below, which is in Russian.

The Kit

The ModelKrak Austin Series 1 kit consists of approximately 21 resin pieces.  I say approximately because it appears my kit is missing a few parts like the rear axle, muffler and drive train.  Granted it's not a problem to scratchbuild these pieces, but something others should be aware of.  The resin is exquisite and some of the best molded I have seen.  I have found no airholes and the level of detail is outstanding.

Once the parts are removed from the pour blocks assembly appears easy and straightforward.  The difficult part will be figuring out where the parts go since the instructions are less than stellar.  In fact you may want to have a few photos as references to help with the placement of parts.

This model will appear in an upcoming issue of Internet Modeler, hopefully providing "in process" images to help others with the construction.


I have three of the four ModelKrak Russian WW1 armored cars.  All are molded to an extremely high level of detail, all have less than stellar instructions, and the correct number of parts vary from kit to kit.  However, don't let the poor instructions and lack of some parts sway your opinion.  These are excellent kits and definitely worth the money spent.  I rate them on the same level as Al.By for 1/72nd ground vehicle resin.  Highly recommended.


Armored Cars of Russian Army, 1906-1917

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