Revell 1/24 Lowe's Mike Skinner 2000 Monte Carlo


by John Jameson



This kit represents the Richard Childress Chevrolet Monte Carlo entry for the 2000 season as driven by Mike Skinner. Revell Kit #2991. Mike Skinner won the NASCAR 1997 Rookie of the Year Title and in his third season has proven he can consistently run fast. In Daytona 99 Mike won his 125mi qualifier race and finished in the top 5. He ended up finishing in the top ten for season points without a victory. Every one is pulling for Mike Skinner to make it to victory lane in 2000. He has consistently run up front and that elusive first victory seems to be teasing him, tantalizingly close so many times. The #31 Lowes Chevrolet is teamate to Dale Earnhardt. This kit is built to represent the 2000 Chevrolet Monte Carlo in superspeedway trim.

The Kit





This Revell kit is molded in 1/24th scale and contains 103 parts. These 103 parts are contained on one clear tree that contains the windows, one rubber vinyl tree, which contains the tires, seven white styrene trees and one white body shell. The Monte Carlo body shell has molded in roof and cowl flaps and the hood and/or body shell can be removed to show off the engine coolant hoses, ignition wiring, and full roll cage with padding.

The decals included in this kit are contained on one 9 x 6" sheet. The sheet includes seatbelts, headlight, taillight, tire and sponsor markings and the red and gold/yellow stripes for the bottom of the body. This will allow the builder to simply paint the body 'Gloss Medium Blue' and apply the decals to achieve the Blue, Gold and Red Lowes Home Improvement Warehouse livery.

The decals look excellent. However, I do see a big note from Revell on the first page of the instruction sheet claming Decals are not compatible with setting solutions or solvents. I think I know what that means, don't complain to Revell if you use solutions and screw up the decals. I can't imagine any modern decals that wouldn't be helped by the addition of solutions or solvents. Just don't go overboard and don't continue to try and manipulate the decals once the solutions have softened up the decals to the point that they can be damaged. I would suggest a quick little test using solvents such as Micro set with the nonsense decals like the 'Officially licensed by NASCAR' or the 'Lowes Monte Carlo kit # blah, blah, blah, all rights reserved' decals.

The paints called for in the instructions include aluminum, flat black, gloss medium blue, satin black, gloss yellow, steel, and yellow. The instructions are clear and outline the build in six main steps, with each main step consisting of 4-6 sub steps. The instructions call for painting and decal placement instructions as well. The kit is rated a skill level 3, 'Most Challenging', ages +12, glue required, don't sniff.






I have said it before but I like the fact that Revell has chosen the 1/24th scale for their recent NASCAR kits, this one included. 1/24th scale just seems that much larger than 1/25th. However slight, the larger scale makes the overall product that much more impressive. The kit decals are of high quality and the molding generally clean and crisp, As a 2000 Chevrolet I am sure there are numerous decals from Slixx to make several variations. Overall I am impressed with the latest NASCAR offering from Revell, with a retail of $10 or so it's a relative bargin for what you get, and the aftermarket variations and add ons are endless so really it's a can't miss kit to have.


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