Scale MotorSports Toyota
TS 020 GT-One Super Detail Kit

By John Jameson

The Detail kit

This detail kit is for the Tamiya 1/24th Scale kit of the 2000 Le Mans winner, the Toyota TS020 GT One, kit #24222. This decal kit is a multimedia kit to say the least containing over 260 detail improving parts. First off there are three full sheets of templated carbon fiber decals. One 1/20th Carbon Fiber sheet black and gray for the main under tray, one 1/20th Carbon Kevlar sheet in black and gold and one 1/24th Carbon Fiber sheet in black and pewter. All of these sheets have the outline and Tamiya part number of the specific piece to decal. Simply cut along the templated line, apply the decal with a little solvent and blow-dry a bit and voila, a perfect looking carbon fiber replica piece.

Next up in the detail kit is the photo etch. There are two separate photo etch components to the detail kit. The first is a fretted photo etch sprue containing: four Hose clamps, two Heat shield frames, two 'Denso' stencil templates, two mirror faces, four hub details, two radiator grills, one Monocoque nose, two front brake discs, two rear brake discs, two front and rear tow hooks, two dry brake trim rings, one rear bulkhead, and one dashboard plate. The second is a rubber backed set containing smaller parts such as: 123 body rivets, 22 toggle switches, two window clips, two badges, ten bodywork clips, two engine badges, three foot pedals, two car number frames, two fuel fillers, four door hinges, one brass plate, two kill switch pulls and rings, and two suspension brackets.

The final part of the detail kit contains turned nickel silver parts, which are absolutely gorgeous. They consist of two rear shock bodies, two coil over springs, four wheel locks, two dry brake caps, one antenna, and one antenna mounting base. The turned parts are of the highest quality and come in a nice little part holder. This part holder shows through the front of the packaging, cleverly showing all that this kit offers.

The detail kit also comes with a 6-page instruction leaflet that contains a description of all the parts included as well as specific instructions on such things as installation of the coil over shocks. There is also a nice body rivet technique and procedure spelled out on how to use and install the 'dimpled' body rivets provided for the car. Again, a really well written set of instructions that is coming to exemplify the quality of Scale Motorsports' products.


This detail set is a must have. Although not the first detail set out for this kit, it is by far the most extensive and easily the best. There is more photo etch in this kit than Studio 27's photo etch version. Add the carbon fiber templated decals, and the turned nickel parts for a slam-dunk. All this and Scale Motorsports retail price for the detail kit is $65. It's a can't miss addition. The detail kit will make the build of this kit a real eye catcher.

Scale Motorsport continues to amaze me with the product quality and range. From F1 to WRC to LeMans they have got it all. Some of the best photo etch details and by far the best carbon fiber decals out there. All with excellent documentation and packaging.

Thank You Scale MotorSports!

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