Speedline CART Trans Decals

By John Jameson

The Decals

These new decals are for the 1/25th Scale Revell Champ car series of kits. The latest offerings include four different sets of decals to convert any of the Revell Champ car Reynard kits. Each set can be purchased separately. You'll need to pick these decals up on the aftermarket because they are a kind of a smoke 'em and drink 'em four pack of cigarette and beer sponsorships, that will never be issued by the kit manufacturers themselves.

SP-1 includes decals to represent the Team Delta Penna Bud Racing team. This livery is Budwieser Red with the Iguana on the front number of the car. Includes markings for the number 10 car of Richie Mears.

SP-2 includes decals to represent the Miller Harley. This livery is Miller Blue with silver flames and Harley Davidson shields. Includes markings for the number 7 car of Max Papis.

SP-3 includes decals to represent Team Green entries. The white and green Kool livery. This set includes numbers for either of the Team Green entries, Paul Tracy or Dario Franchitti. Including the fluoro red nose marking of Franchitti.

Finally SP-4 includes decals to represent the Team Penske entries. This livery is the traditional white and fluoro red, Marlboro livery. This set also includes both sets of driver numbers.


The decals look of excellent quality. While the color of the decals is crisp and bright, a few of the floro colors seem a bit subdued. Fluoro subject matter is some of the toughest to match and print accurately.

These decals represent some of the more striking CART liveries not offered by Revell because of their adult nature. This will allow even more variations of the Revell Champ car kits.

The decals are relatively inexpensive as far as decals go at $5 each. Speedline is the brand name of Twoguysracing and represents their leap into the aftermarket accessory field. The decals can be purchase directly from Twoguysracing or from your favorite aftermarket supply shop. I have heard that the decals have been big sellers for Twoguysracing. Get them while you can.

The demise of Ricambi and their trans decals for the Revell kits has left a large void to which Twoguysracing has effectively jumped into. Twoguysracing's website reports of more decal sets in the works for Porsche and Ford IMSA fans. I can't wait. Finally somebody is listening to us modelers!!

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