Eagle Editions’ EagleCals EC#25: B-25B/C decals in 1/72 and 1/48

By Chris Bucholtz

While there is no shortage of interesting American markings for the new Accurate Miniatures B-25 kits (and for the older and much less accurate 1/72 Italeri kits), EagleCals has provided markings that may get your Mitchell into Dutch. Dutch markings, that it.

This sheet focuses on 320 Dutch Squadron, RAF, which flew as part of the 2nd Tactical Air Force and operated the Mitchell from the middle of 1943 on. The squadron was quite busy, as the mission tally on one aircraft depicted on the sheet suggests.

The sheet gives modelers the ability to mix and match schemes and air forces in an interesting way. These are American bombers with the standard U.S. olive drab-over-neutral gray paint scheme, with RAF roundels and small Dutch orange triangles on the noses. How much more international can you get?

While the sheet claims it’s for B-25Bs and B-25Cs, in reality the subjects include three B-25Cs and a B-25J from the late 1944-early 1945 time period. “Flak Joy” features a pin-up girl scaling a step ladder in a negligee and boasts 124 mission markings. “Owe Jongens” (Old Guys) has a small windmill and a cheerful Dutchman giving the Nazis a two-finger salute; “C for Crocodile” has a green, scaly mascot and 100 mission markings; and “Margriet”/“Blasting Bastard” has a bomb-toting Big Bad Wolf from Disney’s “Three Little Pigs.” “Ouwe Jongens” and “C for Crocodile” wear white and black D-Day stripes; all the aircraft wear their aircraft identifier letter below the cockpit.

The decals are printed about as well as they possibly could be. Although the “Flak Joy” nose art is tiny in 1/72, EagleCals used eight colors to complete the design. That all are n register is a testament to the quality of the printing. The colors used for the roundels and identifiers is spot on, and the sheet packs in a lot for its small size. The capper is the instruction sheet, which provides photos of the planes in question as well as detailed descriptions of individual planes, complete with information on weathering and unique equipment fits.

EagleCals was already the gold standard for decals for single-engined prop planes; now, they’ve gone and added multi-engined planes to their repetoir. What’s next? Jets? The jet builders should be so lucky! Thanks to EagleCals for our review samples.

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