Eagle Editions’ EagleCals EC#21: Fw 190D-9 decals in 1/72 and 1/48

By Chris Bucholtz

For whatever reason, many enthusiasts and modelers consider the Fw 190D-9 as the creme de la creme of Luftwaffe subjects, even though the plane’s impact on the outcome of the war was negligible.  Now, with the new Tamiya Fw 190 in 1/72 hitting the shelves, we’re likely to see more of these fighters on the display tables at contests and in hobby shops. That makes the timing of this sheet all the more fortunate.

EC#21 gives you four schemes for three aircraft. The first two depict the extraordinary Fw 190D-9 of Oblt. Hans Dortenmann, which was the third aircraft of its type delivered and which Dortenmann flew from its delivery in September 1944 until the end of the war, a remarkable lifespan for German fighters of the era.

The first scheme portrays the plane as it was marked during Dortenmann’s command of 12./JG 54, when it was charged with providing top cover to Kommando Nowotny’s Me 262s. Dortenmann painted the tail of his plane yellow to help inexperienced pilots spot and form up on him. In this guise, the plane wore a camouflage scheme of RLM 75/83/76. When Dortenmann was transferred to command of 3./JG 26, the plane came along and went from Red 1 to Yellow 1, and acquired RLM 82 in place of the 75 on the upper surfaces. It also gained a black and white “Defense of the Reich” band and, in an earlier refit, a blown canopy. The many minute changes the plane underwent are described in the instructions, as is standard for EagleCals’ exhaustive notes for the modeler.

The other two subjects were flown by unknown pilots. “Black 10” belonged to 2./JG 26, and was captured by the RAF at the end of the war. It wears an 82/83 camouflage pattern on the fuselage, with 75/83 wings. The bottom is a patchwork of natural metal and RLM 76. “Yellow 11” is from II./JG 2, and is assembled from different airframes and wears a camouflage pattern that includes RLM 75, 76, 81, and 83. All but “Yellow 11” do indeed have yellow tails; the last plane has a yellow-white-yellow defense band that qualifies it for this sheet. The directions provide upper and lower profiles of all four schemes on the sheet and single side views of each plane.

The sheet is perfectly printed by MicroScale and includes data markings for at least one plane (and probably more, considering the late-war birds had stencils painted over with regularity) and is complete down to separate data markings for each of the three types of propeller used. The art and the printing is of the very highest caliber.

For Luftwaffe enthusiasts, EagleCals has come through once again. This reviewer is looking forward to seeing many yellow-tailed D-9s at contests in the upcoming year. Our thanks to Eagle Editions for our sample.

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