MASP 1/144 Rio Sul (NC) 737-500 Decals

Reviewed by Chris Banyai-Riepl

When it comes to variety in markings, I can't think of anything that has more interesting options than airliners. With liveries changing all the time and anniversaries being celebrated, it's no wonder that we're seeing more small decal manufacturers putting sheets out for airliners than any other type of model. MASP is no exception. This latest decal sheet to come across my desk hails from Brazil and is an excellent example of what many people are doing in regards to decals. These are printed on a laser printer and while they may not be up to the quality of traditional printing methods they are definitely up to the task.

The sheet includes decals for the tail, a full set of windows, registration codes, and the ornate fuselage markings, as well as door outlines and engine markings. While there is no kit of the 737-500 out there, it is a simple matter of cutting the fuselage down on Minicraft's 737-300. Unfortunately there are no notes concerning this conversion included with the decal sheet, but these can be found on the web elsewhere. There is a couple things that I have some concerns over with this sheet, the first being the window & door outlines, which appear too square to me. But I have heard from MASP and this problem has been fixed, so if you order this sheet it should have the correct windows. The second concern has more to do with the manner the decal sheet was done up. The engine nacelles need to be painted the same color as the tail, and I think it would have been easier to have provided the tail logo separate without the purple-blue color so you could paint both the tail and the engines the same color without any problems. However, since these decals were printed on a laser printer, that may not have worked since there is some white in the tail pattern. All in all this is a decent decal sheet and the only game in town for a Rio Sul 737.

My thanks to MASP for the review sample, and keep an eye out here for more of his releases. It looks like they're planning on a bunch of liveries not currently available, so if you're wanting to build that special airliner, don't pass this site up.

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