Tom's Modelworks 1/700 Photoetch detail sets

by Bob Pearson

Some new PE detail sets for 1/700 ships have recently arived in my mailbox from Tom's Modelworks of Cupertino California. they have a reputation for fineness of detail and these are no exception. Sets received include: IJN Battleships part 2; IJN Heavy Cruisers; King George V & Prince of Wales; and Bismarck & Tirpitz. All have well illustrated instruction sheets included.

One word of caution, to enable the extremely fine details to be produced, the metal used is of thinner section than other manufacturers and care should be taken in its use.

#726 IJN Heavy Cruiser

Designed for the following IJN heavy cruiser kits

  • HASEGAWA – Furutaka, Kako, Aoba, Kinugasa, Myoko, Nachi, Haguro and Ashigara

  • AOSHIMA – Takeo, Chokai, Atago, Maya, Tone, Chikuma

  • FUJIMI – Tone, Chikuma

  • TAMIYA – Mogami, Suzuya, Kumano

Parts are included for the various lattice structures that seem to cover IJN cruisers, as well as catapults, cranes, radar, floatplane cradles and struts. there is also a full fret of two-bar railings and ladders.

#730 IJN Battleship

Designed for use with the Ise, Nagato and Fuso Classes. The usual comprehensive collection of parts is included with the heavy lattice work of the Ise class being quite apparent.

According to the instructions, there are enough parts included to do one ship of each class.

#733 Bismarck & Tirptiz

An interesting fret for the two German battleships. This set contains all sorts of goodies ranging from funnel grills to hangar doors. Differences between the two ships are noted and complete parts for both are provided. there is also a fret of three-bar railings with three different widths of stanchion spacings.

#734 King George V * Prince of Wales

This set contains details to build either the KGV or the PoW, with parts for just one to be completed. Details include: various radars, cranes, funnel grills, two and three-bar rails, ladders.

Anyone intending to build any of the above mentioned ships can't go wrong with these detail sets.

My thanks to Tom's Modelworks for the review samples.


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