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Welcome to the Richard Eaton section of Internet Modeler .. yes, he has done it once again, this time with a modification to the venerable Revell PT109 kit. With a few additions one can have a unique representation that is out of the ordinary from other PT models. Lynn Dunn looks at another of the Lindberg Elizabethean galleons, while I have a first look at a new Tamiya LST.

Bob Pearson

Feature Articles

Upgunning the Revell PT109
                by Richard Eaton


First Looks and New Releases

First Looks

Lindberg HMS Revenge by Lynn Dunn
Tamiya 1/700 JMSDF Ohsumi LST-4001 by Bob Pearson

New Releases

Warship Pespective No.1 Fletcher, Sumner & Gearing Classes by Bob Pearson


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