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Blue Water Navy 1/35 Resin
American S-Class Submarine S-26 (1938)

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By Bob Pearson



Recently I was visiting a drummer friend of mine, and he showed me his late father's photo albums from the Second World War. I knew his father had served on submarines, but had always assumed them to be from the Royal Navy. To my surprise the photos were of Polish submarines. One of which his father was taking passage on when it was sunk – fortunately this was while in convoy and the crew was saved. Even more remarkable is the fact that he has photos of the sinking and subsequent rescue – and a three page handwritten account. When I saw these I knew I had to try and copy them ( I have his permission to do so, and will do a website based on them someday), I also knew I wanted to give Gord a model of his father's submarine.

ORP Jastrzab

In early 1942, the ex-American submarine S-25 was scheduled for transfer to the Royal Navy for operational trials of the type. However the decision was made to use the crew of the non-operational Polish submarine ORP Wilk and transfer S-25 to the Poles as Jastrzab. With the crew demanding to be used in action (other RN S-Class subs were used for training), Jastrab was sent to cover convoy PQ15. On 2 May 1942 she was accidentally sunk by the Norwegian destroyer St. Albans and the British Minesweeper Seagull.

The Kit

Originally released by Mike Bishop Models in 1995, the BWN S-Class submarine consists of a resin hull, white metal periscopes and deck gun and a PE fret. All of which come very securely packed in a box and wrapped in bubblewrap.

The resin hull is unsurpassed in its casting, not one bubble has been found and all the details are finely cast. The drainage holes on the casing are finer than any drill bit I have. The only work it requires is to remove a large moulding gate from the keel. I did this by running a new No.11 blade along both sides of the join until it came apart – both cuts lined up perfectly . . . a great start if I say so myself.

The PE fret contains: rails, rudder, propellors and diving planes.

Instructions consist of a drawing showing where the various PE fittings go to. Any further details will be found on the boxtop photo and in shots of the real thing.


I am really impressed with the casting and look forward to presenting the finished model to my friend.

Thanks to Greatmodels webstore for the review sample

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