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APMA 1/2000 - 25th Anniversary Issue

Australian Plastic Modelers Association


by Bob Pearson



Waiting for me upon my return home from my recent vacation was the latest journal from the Australian Plastic Modelers Association. As usual the journal is packed with ideas for finishing those new and old kits. Each article is illustrated with either cross-hatched b/w profiles or else computer generated b/w profiles. Both styles get the intended information across.

Contents this time around includes the following:

– Yak Colours
– Hawker Sea Fury T.20
– Air America (again)
– Errata: Missing illustrations of Barker's Camel
– Stearman Kaydet
– Hispano Aviacion HA-132-L
– Model Research on the Internet
– Star Killers: the Fighters of Star Wars
– Westland Lysander
– Junkers Ju88 Series
– ex-USAAF Lightning in RAAF Service

For information on the APMA visit their website or contact them at:

PO Box 51
Strathfield, NSW

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