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Westland Sea King In Detail

Photo Manual for Modelers
Wings & Wheels Publications, 1999
ISBN 80-902677-6-9
52 Pages

Reviewed by Chris Banyai-Riepl

The Westland Sea King is the mainstay of many navies around the world, performing SAR, ASW, and general duties. This book provides the modeler with just about everything they could want in terms of detail photos of the Sea King in British, German, Belgian and Australian service.

The book starts out with a short history coupled with some scale drawings. After these first few pages the rest of the book is nothing but high quality color photos, both general views and close-ups. Several different variants are covered in detail, including the Sea King HAS. MK. 6, Sea King HC. Mk. 4, and Sea King Mk. 42, among others. The only thing that is missing from this book is a short description detailing the differences between the US Navy SH-3 Sea King and the Westland variety.

Color profiles are at the end of the book and provide a look at some of the other operators of the Westland Sea King such as Norway and Pakistan. The text following the detail photos is absolutely invaluable and goes to great lengths to explain what it is you're looking at. If you're wanting to build a Sea King, you'll definitely want to check this book out.

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