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Wireless for Wehrmacht In Detail

Photo Manual for Modelers
Special Museum Line No. 10
Wings & Wheels Publications, 1999
ISBN 80-902677-5-0
64 Pages

Reviewed by Chris Banyai-Riepl

You're probably thinking "what a weird title!", but once you look inside this book, you'll really start wondering. This book is all about German radio equipment in World War II. If you've ever really wanted to know what a German radio looks like, this book will show you. In most cases all that is given in a kit is a box with a knob or two. This book shows that there is a lot more to them than just that.

All of these radios pictured here have survived the war and are in private collections, some nicely restored and others a little rough. The detail photos of the actual radios are supplemented by period photos showing their placement in vehicles and antenna styles. With proper research one could actually build a model from a specific battle and paint up the radio to reflect the proper channels being used. Now THAT would take care of any nitpickers out there!

If not that, at least this book shows you what the dials look like in color (and many are quite colorful) as well as the arrangement of wires and such, allowing you to make your radio sets that much more accurate in appearance. I can recommend this title to any armor modeler.

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