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CMK Resin Detail Sets

CMK 4056
D3A1 Val Model 11 Interior Set
For the Hasegawa Kit

The Hasegawa Val is a nice kit, but this interior set will really set it on its edge. The sidewalls are works of art and the seats have subtle detailing that has to be seen. The one-piece cockpit floor is well done as well, which I was worried about considering how large of a mold it would have to take. The extra detailings provided in resin are crisply molded and provide lots of additional busy-ness to the cockpit. An etched brass fret completes the detailing and a vacuformed canopy shows all of this off to great effect.

CMK 4057
Messerschmitt Bf109E Control Surfaces Set
For the Tamiya Kit

This set takes care of the control surfaces for the Tamiya Bf109E. A full set of flaps, ailerons and elevators are present, as is two styles of rudders (one ribbed, one smooth) and replacement stabilizers. The trailing edges of the control surfaces are very thin and will make for an excellent replacement of the kit parts.

CMK 4060 & 7031
Navigation Lights & Gunsights

These two sets are an interesting addition to the aftermarket world. The gunsights are standard etched brass and the instructions point out which sights go on which guns. The interesting part, though, are the navigation lights. These are cast in clear, red, green and blue resin and there are different shapes for different lights. The ones that seem to be the most useful will be the clear and the red, as the color of green and blue used are a bit too strong, in my opinion. Still, it is a novel idea and it will be interesting to see how these work out.

CMK 3007
Pz.Kpfw. IV Transmission
For the Tamiya Kit

This is a simple resin transmission housing for your Tamiya PzKpfw IV. Molded in one piece the detailing is very good and will make for a nice addition to the interior of a PzKpfw IV.


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