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Studio 27 1/24 Photo-Etch


Tamiya Pennzoil GT-R kit

There are several Japanese aftermarket companies that are making very nice Photo-Etch detail plates for the Tamiya Nissan GTR. Among them are a Studio 27 version that is retailing for 1200 Yen (US$12), a Modelers version retailing for 1200 Yen (US$12), and Acu-steon version for 1400 Yen (US$14). The Studio 27 version, pictured here, contains wing end plates, eight radiator grills, slotted brake disks plates to attach to the outside of the kit disks, side mirror inserts, brake/clutch/gas pedal piece, rear wing mounts, wiper assembly, nine bonnet pins, tow hooks, and a fuel filler piece. I have only seen photos of the other two manufactures offerings, but they appear very similar.

Unfortunately, the directions for the Studio 27 Photo-Etch parts is in Japanese only, although the detail items and their placement seem relatively straight forward.

John Jameson

Tamiya 1/24 Peugout

The amount of aftermarket kits arriving from this Japanese company is staggering. Giving modellors many more options and greater reality to their subjects. This is the case for the upgrade kit for the Peugeot 206 WRC from Tamiya. Included on the PE fret are grills for the front and on the bonnet. To use one of these, slight modification is needed to the hood. These look much better than the plastic netting Tamiya supply, plus they are cut to size. Foot rests for both drivers are included. Rear vision mirrors, tow hooks. brake discs, pedals and wiper blades are all included. Many latch pins are also included to replace the oversized plastic ones found in the actual kit.

These kits maybe a little on the expensive side but the added reality they supply is well worth it.

Tony Paton


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