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Best Of 1999 Results

The results are in from last month's "Best Of" choices, and here are the winners!

For the best cover of 1999, the winner goes to the May issue. This cover showed off Shane Weier's fabulous scratchbuilt Bristol F2B Fighter with a close up of the cockpit and engine area. A quote from Eugène Ionesco captured the true feeling of the cover, pushing this one into a clear first place victory.

Second Place went to another early plane, this being the stunning scratchbuilt Fokker Spinne of Robert Karr. Made out of bits of bamboo, some plastic, and a whole lot of rigging, the Spinne looks real enough to fly. The September issue marked our one-year anniversary, reflected in the date shadow. Also, the September issue showcased Internet Modeler's heritage through Aviation What-Not.

Third place for covers ended up in a tie with both October and November getting equal shares of the pie. October's cover showed off Will Riepl's 1/48 Arado Ar 240, with a bottom line of 1/72 Fokker D.VIIs using Roseparts nose conversions. The November cover put Bob Pearson's outstanding 1/700 Freccia plowing the waves.

Scratchbuilding seems to be the topic of winners for 1999, with all three winners being in that category. The first place winner matches the cover winner, being Shane Weier's excellent 1/48 Bristol F2B Fighter. Even after a couple mainstream kits of this plane came out, Shane kept at his project and turned out a true masterpiece.

Second and third place go to one person: Robert Karr. A master scratchbuilder, Robert's ability to write a piece and make it seem like anyone can do it has endeared him to many a reader at Internet Modeler, and it shows in his second place win with his 1/32 Blenheim and third place with his 1/48 Fokker Spinne. Both models are incredible and show Robert's breadth of skills.



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